Saturday, May 29, 2004

Broadripple finished at last

My Sockotta, 72 stitch on size 0 needles were finally (YEA) finished yesterday. I lament that I probably won’t be entered into the contest because my digital camera is still “en route” with UPS. Brown hasn’t come through for me – oh well. Who knows, maybe I will find someone who can snap a quick shot and still provide the list with digital proof of a PAIR COMPLETE!

I am well pleased with how they turned out .... A nice tight fit. I ended up working the sole after the decrease on only 26 stitches – and finished the toe with the star-toe from Dawn. It worked out quite nicely and I am pleased. These were my first pair knit on this yarn, and though I did not dislike it – I do think I prefer wool and wool blends.

Musing on Age

In a few days I'll turn 50 something. A Gemini at heart - lots of things going all the time. Always new ideas. This is a new twist for me, writing about myself and my hobbies and blogging - maybe I am not to old to learn a new trick. We will see how this evolves - if it evolves!