Monday, October 22, 2007

The Weather

So, I am sure you all know we are still in a drought. Probably tomorrow night the local government will vote to put us all on water restrictions. For the year, we are over 6 inches below normal, and for October, which normally recieves 2.6 inches, we have had a whopping .01 of an inch. It was in the 80's today. Eric is still in shorts. So there, you know how much like summer it really is. The plants think it is spring, some are blooming again. Very weird.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

National Folk Festival - We love it!

Be sure and click on the title for more about the festival than the links below. The clips take time to load, so be patient!

One of my favorite groups was Vishten from Prince Edward Island in Canada - this was my favorite song! See why below!

Mariez – moi
Paroles / Lyrics : trad.
Air / Melody : Emmanuelle LeBlanc SOCAN

Marie moi donc ma petite maman, je veux me mettre en ménage
Voyez vous pas qu’j’arrive à vingt ans, je pense que c’est le bon âge
Toujours tourner, toujours filer, c’est un métier qui me ennuyer
Si vous ne me marier pas, ah non je ne filerai pas

Refrain / Chorus
Toujours tourner, toujours filer, c’est un métier qui me fait ennuyer
Ah, si vous ne me mariez pas, ah non je ne filerai pas
Si vous ne me marier pas, ah non ah non je ne filerai pas
Ah si vous ne me mariez pas, ah non, je ne filerai pas

Si qu’à vingt ans, j’suss pas mariée, je vous le dit oh mère!
J’voudrais qu’mon fouet serait réduit en cendre et en poussière
Et que ma quenouille, ma quenouille sur les tisons
Qu’elle soit réduite en cendre, en cendre et en charbon

Fillette rencontre son amant, lui raconta son histoire
Marions nous maintenant que j’ai fait consentir ma mère
L’amant pour la récompenser, lui donne pour gage un doux baiser
Marions nous, soyons heureux et tu fileras si tu veux
What did I like about this song ? The lyric ..... "si vous ne me mariez pas, ah non je ne filerai pas" - "If you don't marry me, Oh no, I am going to stop Knitting! " ..... Desparate woman do desparate things!

Today we are going to see D.L. Menard and The Jambalaya Cajun Band, his back up band.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


This week was Rebecca's Birthday, and as ususal the kids made her a cake and special gifts. This year they put together and painted birdhouses, both reflecting their current interests. Zack made a pirate ship, and Maddie a castle.

On the home front, it has not rained in over 3 weeks and we are 4 inches below normal now, the plants are pretty stressed. On top of that, it is supposed to be 90 tomorrow, so our temperatures are way above normal too. Last week we cleaned out the zennias from the beds and planted panseys, of course, if we had know it was going to be this hot this weekend (yes Mike I have heard of 7 day forecasts) - we would have waited. But, fall is in the air. at least the trees are starting to behave like it is fall, and next week the forecasters