Friday, October 27, 2006

Visit Home

I've been home in Virginia a week now, but the trip to Texas was and is still my biggest news. As most know, we all went to Texas to surprise my parents on their 61st wedding anniversary, Oct. 27. They were expecting their two grandsons, their wives and daughters for the weekend. Instead, and In addition, they also got Mike, Sally and Anne, and myself. We flew to Houston, rented a car and drove to Lufkin, surprising then on the night before their anniversary. We had a wonderful time, the weather was perfect and the company was excellent! I don't think any of us will forget the time we had. There were lots of firsts, Mike and Anne met Michelle, Brian and Christine's daughter, and I got to meet Christine. We talked, ate, shopped, knitted, it was fun for all!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Street Tree

Today our street became a boulevard of trees. We anticipated the arrival of the trees as we had plenty of clues. One, they planted trees the next block up recently, and secondly, the Utility companies were out in force yesterday marking utility lines. So, not only do we have a lovely Elm tree (a Bosque elm for inquiring minds), we also have lovely multi-colored lines all over everywhere. Internet research states that this tree is well suited for street plantings, poor soil, and the other less than optimal climate characteristics found here. So, hopefully, in a few years, we'll have a lovely tree to look at.

Inside, the warranty work finally began to "right" the "wrongs" on our end of year checklist. Biggest was the master closet door that opened into the closet. I am so happy, I can now open the closet door and see everything! If nothing else gets fixed, I'll still be happy with this improvement. They also sent a yard crew that dug up the ruts in the side and front. Some were caused by Eagle, and some by the tree men, but none the less, we will have new sod soon and maybe things will be more level. They haven't touched the back yard yet, but at least this is progress.

We are anticipating rain this weekend, so it will be good for the tree and the sod. Just the right foot for them to start on.

Mom and Dad will be celebrating their 61st Wedding anniversary this Friday. Brian and family, and Russell and family, their two grandsons will be in Lufkin to help them party! I am sure with two little girls, both under 3 it will be lots of fun. They will no doubt enjoy having both the grandsons, their wives and 2 of their great-grand children with them. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad .... I may have to wish it to you again tomorrow and the next day .... but why not start early!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Some things are accomplished

As you know, are carpet is installed. If you run on over to the house blog, there is a short movie showing the attic room as it looked on Monday night.

Since then, we have started bringing up things from out of the garage ..... Don't ask how many times Eric has done this! We are putting away things as we sort thought them again, discard, and repack. We have all the books upstairs now, and all of the decorations for the house for any and all seasons. I found my US flag again, so some things are appearing that had been "relocated"! At least maybe for Veterans Day we will be able to fly our large USA flag.

Eric has been putting up shelving, and as this is the third set of this stuff we have bought, he is getting pretty quick at it. The installation is easy, once you get the upper track in place. He measured before the men put up the sheetrock, so he would know where each and every stud upstairs is. Clever no?

We are setting up a small play area for the kids, their kitchen, and all the assorted food, trains, blocks and things that are best set up in a larger space will relocate up there. We'll leave books, play-dough and "quiet" activities like games and puzzles downstairs. I am going to scout around for some kind of shelving for their things.

Our weather is really pretty. It is warm again, and just perfect. The rain we received has greened up the lawn, and it looks like some of the top dressing we did will actually help. Time will tell on it. We were told when we bought seed for the grass to wait and put it down just before the first snowfall. Something about it getting good soil contact and moisture. Sounds good in theory anyway.

The man from Eagle who was to begin our warranty work didn't show up today. He said he might be delayed due to an illness in his family, so we will just have to wait a bit more. We have plenty going on with getting the garage straight again, so it really doesn't matter if he comes right now or not.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Whoa there .... slow down

Too much progress going on here ..... not really, but things are looking up. The carpet installers are due here on Monday at 8. A person is coming to look at the roof and give an estimate tomorrow. Next Wednesday Eagle will begin the 12 month list of repairs. And Eric got a haircut today.

Late breaking news is that Silly the cat is convinced the sky is falling as she can feel the curtain of cold falling on her ears everytime she goes outside. Her remedy for this terrible event is to just hide out. Maybe winter will pass through and not stay. Meanwhile, we really didn't need the top drawer of the desk did we?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Uphill battles

This is my before picture of the upstairs room - before carpet. If you haven't heard, we still don't have carpet because the carpet measure person wrote down the wrong numbers. So, there is no AFTER picture. The installers walked into the room and took one look and said, "We don't have enough carpet" and they were right. So, we are waiting to hear from the expediter from Home Depot. Today, tomorrow, someday this week. We'll see.

So what else is new here ? - The rain finally stopped after a soggy soggy weekend. Not without a good bit of worry for us too, as there is another red maple with a really crooked lean to it in the same location as the tree that fell. Of course, if it just fell straight down, it would land between the houses. We don't think that will happen. So, we have called the county, and the Corps of Engineers is supposed to send someone over to look over the situation, being as today is a holiday, when is uncertain.

The fiber festival I hoped to attend was pretty well muddied out. Some brave souls did attend, but I read and heard that many had to be towed out of the field where they were stuck. That didn't sound like fun to any of us who planned to attend, so we have scheduled an alternative field trip some other time.

Tomorrow I go to the Podiatrist again, a new one. I am hoping he is going to tell me what is going on, and if he says all is well, then I am just going to have to grin and bear it. Somehow, I don't expect that answer from him. Tomorrow I will know. Hopefully he won't send me home in a boot.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Rebecca

The grandkids threw a birthday party the other night .... for their mom. They could hardly wait. The kids were so excited by the upcoming Wednesday birthday they even baked the cake, five days ahead. Tom reported that while shopping at Party Plus he was informed by Zack they didn't need streamers, there were some at home. They were definitly into party mode.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Maymont with friends!

I had a great weekend with the people in this picture! I am sure some of you know and recognize them from Lufkin. They now live in West Virginia, and came for a visit so their oldest at home son could run in the McDonalds Cross Country Festival at Maymont. Before the race, we ran the little ones around so they could expend some energy. I don't think it fazed them, but I was tired after the treck down into the Japanese Gardens. This is a beautful place, and the setting was perfect for a fall day. The race drew about 1500 runners, and a crowd of about 7,000. Quite the event.

I don't have anything of great interest to tell. I have taken more pictures of the upstairs, and one day this week I'll get them up on the house blog.