Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So where are we ....

We have managed (DH and I) to not kill each other the last 9 years. I think the card DD sent says it all:
You've shared the same cabin,
You've shared the same galley,
You've logged
a great distance together.
You both really know
how to keep things shipshape
And navigate well in all weather.
You've show that a pair
can remain right on course,
And today
it can truly be said ....
You're perfect as mates ---!

As we start year 10, we are both thankful to be together. Thanks to all the family and friends who sent greetings! Also, thank you for reading the blog and keeping up with our adventures. Now in the house with more space .... it will make the next 9 years a breeze!

Friday, September 22, 2006

It has been a busy week

The upstairs room is starting to look like a room. Well, it has always looked like a room, but now there are none of the holes in the ceilings that you can see in this picture taken on Monday! The sheet rock men finished up their painting and spackle repair on Monday. Since then we have had a steady stream of men in and out. The electrician came twice, he is almost finished, and will be here to complete his part on Monday. Eric hung the fans with a bit of assistance from me. He also got all the grills up covering the holes for the Ac/heating ducts.

The whiz kids who did the speakers/internet came and hung speakers. Then they came back and re hung speakers (because we changed our minds). They also spent the majority of today trying to get something to work that is beyond my comprehension, and obviously theirs, as they will have to come back to finish. Eric is a bit peeved with them because they would not, and did not do what he wanted them to do. Their big boss is in Ireland, out of touch, and of course there is a lots on non continuity going on. They didn't work on the original system, tried to use equipemnt that is not MAC compatible, etc. etc. Eric has spent the last 3 hours fixing what they didn't do right and stewing about their ignorance. I am sure he will give the boss a piece of his mind when he gets back from his vacation! In all those comings in and goings out, the carpet man came to measure. He probably was in and out the fastest of any of the guys, but at least that is a step in the right direction.

If you want to see what else I did this week you'll have to visit The Knitting Blog. This picture is a hint! Oh yes, there is no progress on getting the roof repaired yet. All those folks are "getting back to us". Yea, right!

Monday, September 18, 2006

It was a dark and stormy night .....

Three years ago tonight. Looking back, it is hard to believe so much time has gone by since Isabel. Eric remembers we were without electricity for 42 days. I know we got water back before too many days, but the electricity took forever to be restored to Southhall Landings. Isabel was a real Turning point for us. On the 20th of September we bought our truck. We never wanted to be in a position where we had to evacuate without a vehicle again. I think Isabel was the true beginning of the quest for us to move ashore, at least in my mind. So, if you have forgotten about Isabel, click the link above, there is plenty of information there. I'll leave you with this picture, one taken of our dock access at Southhall. The power of mother nature is truly amazing.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Finally Friday!

In more ways than one, this has been a very busy week. Monday the tree came down, and everyday since then, the sheet rock guys have been diligently working upstairs, with a goal of today as the finish line. I have to admit, neither Eric nor I thought they would finish up. Remarkably, they have shown us to be wrong. I'll post pictures on the House Blog of the different stages of the week.

Also, Monday morning early yard tractors were back, roaring up and down the street aerating the yards. Regrettably, Wednesday in a fit of computer file cleaning I wiped out those pictures, but then, you have all seen a tractor before, right? All the little plugs of dirt are everywhere, and I suggested we go rake them up and use them for fill! Not!! After the tree removal their caterpillar tractor (you saw it in the movie) left more ruts to contend with. The delivery of sheetrock had made a few too. So today, in a lull in the action Eric went to Southern States and bought bags of tops soil and seed. We'll tackle that this next week some time. As I was saying, the yard crew came by, luckily after the tree crew had left.

After the guys left this afternoon we went up to sweep and vacuum. There are still bits of mud (the white stuff they use to float seams) on the floor that we will have to scrape. On Monday they are going to come back to touch up, so at some point in the weekend we will go do the blue tape mark system of showing where the missed spots are. We'll mark on the floor, don't want to take any chances of pulling off paint. They didn't paint the doors, but then we assumed they would and it was never really discussed. Not a big deal, we can handle that.

We also have to go and shop for floor covering sometime this weekend. We thought we had decided on wood, but after listening to them clump around the last two weeks we have decided carpet will be a better option.

So, I am now going to go sit on the porch and have a celebration margarita. Pictures will be up soon, I promise.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Got a Tree down, then Call - Call Tree Service

At last the troops arrived to take down the tree. Mr. Mack Call himself came, apparently he doesn't go out on the job much anymore, as he is almost retired. He supervised from the sidelines while 4 guys did the heavy work. One on the roof, two to hand carry the logs and limbs to the front yard and chipper, and one who ran the catapiller which lifted the tree. It's always interesting to me to see the physics involved in machinery and moving something as large as this tree was. They did a great job, even raked and cleaned the yard, and it was a relief to see everything gone. I missed the final cuts where then the tree righted itself down in the wetland (I was dispatched to look for tarps at Becky's house) but all that remains of the tree is a stump cut low to the ground, even the root ball settled back unto the ground. We saved a large piece of the base of the tree for a scratching post for Silly (who has already given it a 4 paws up) and a small piece that I hope can be used for a spindle whorl. I'll have a movie of the action later this week for those of you sho love the sound of chainsaws.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

September Sunday

I'm looking out the sewing room window and can see the tree limb in the back yard. It's leaves are dry and lifeless now. When Zack was here I made a comment about the poor dead tree; Zack wanted to know if we could go and water the tree to keep it alive. He couldn't quite understand! Tomorrow if all goes well, the tree man will come and clear the tree away and get it off the roof. Then we can finally get a good look at the full extent of the damage, and get that estimate process underway. The sheet rockers will be back to start sanding and doing the final things they do before the paint can go on! They say that they will be done by Friday. Let's hope so, Eric is so ready for this all to be done.

At 11 this morning I'll be heading over to Meadow Farm for the Civil War afternoon. I have gray yarn all ready to start a sock and help do my part as a "lady left behind the lines" trying to cope with the war and shortages brought about by the war. The drama we will take part in will last until 4pm. The weather had been beautiful, so I am looking forward to a pleasant afternoon. I'll bring my camera along and hopefully be able to shoot a few shots before I have to be in character and reflect the appropriate time.

Yesterday morning the church had their rummage sale for Haiti. The sale was a huge success, and there were throngs of people in line to get inside. In fact, there were so many people that you could hardly walk around. Eric wanted me to look for a set of portable phones that he will use upstairs to contol the trains. Don't ask me how, but somehow they are hooked into the system. Anyway, he wanted two, with chargers .... and I found the set for $1.00. Both work, now was that a bargain or what? Becky managed to find some games and puzzles for the kids and I found a Playschool Kitchen as soon as I walked in the door. It was my big purchase, $5.00. This kitchen is exactly the one Becky had as a child, and I'm not sure who was more excited to see it, the kids or Becky. We'll put it upstairs later in the kids play area. I picked up a few nice flower pots, children's books, and a brand new canner set for use with dying wool. In all the day was fun.

I've been working on the quilt for the baby, and for the most part, that is all the news from here! Becky called from the beach and they were there safe and sound. I have fish duty this week at her house, and a few other chores to do. The subdivision is having their 5th anniversary part this week, so we have a FUNCTION to attend on Wednesday. Such a social agenda!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wednesday - What's new?

Tuesday morning bright and early the sheetrock crew arrived after the long weekend of inactivity. By the end of the day, they had the ceiling and a small part of the walls in the main area finished and all of the small storage room completed. Today they finished up the skylights in the main room, all the other walls and the furnace room. Thursday they will take out scrap, and start taping and mud work! Very exciting progress to be sure! They are really nice guys, and Eric has enjoyed listening to them talk about the work, and their hunting adventures on their breaks. They love sitting on our front porch. By the way, they all drive Ford pickups, so when I came home from the pool Tuesday it looked like an ad for Ford! At one point there were 5 parked in front of the house (counting ours).

We finally got a bid on the tree removal Tuesday afternoon late and a second one Wednesday. By far we liked the second guy more than the man who came yesterday initially. Something about the first guy just struck us both wrong. The guy we will use is the one who came recommended by Becky's neighbor Betty after Isabel sent a tree though her roof. So, as far as I know, unless something changes, this guy will be here Thursday to take the tree off the roof and get everything out of the yard. It appears the stump will have to be a permanent reminder of the storm, as being within the wetland, can't be removed or messed with. Everyone seems to think it will right itself back into the hole, we'll see.

I do know Silly will be a bit disappointed when the limbs are gone, she's been feeling like queen of the jungle back there amid the tree branches.

Monday, September 04, 2006

It's Labor Day - so we'll do it ourselves

We're taking things into our own hands today. Still waiting for the tree man, but then after all, it is a holiday! We were a bit concerned about wind causing branches to scratch the big windows, so today Eric cut the offending branches away. Because of this we also got a better look at the damage. I climbed a ladder and took a few shots and movies, more for insurance than anything. The boards exposed are above the gutter, normally covered my siding and shingles.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

And here is "THE TREE"

The calm after the storm

It is always ironic how beautiful the sky is after a storm. Of course, every bit of polution has been blown far far away, so I guess it is a natural result. (I wonder if the skies of our childhood before polution were this blue?) Anyway, this was taken today through the leaves of the downed tree. We are still waiting for a tree man to come and give us an estimate. It could take awhile, as there is a good bit of damage in Richmond and the surrounding areas. Of course USAA has some restrictions on quotes, etc. and we know we need someone with a crane. So, time will tell how long we'll have the tree as a guest. It actually makes lovely shade on the patio and florida room. Silly would love to climb it. I look at it like this, it's one less tree to worry about when we have the next storm.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ernesto gets close and personal

Here's the tree that fell on the house this afternoon. Funny, when we first looked at those trees Eric thought there was a potential for this to happen! Crossridge is supposed to be sending someone over to check it out and get it off the roof.

Sheet rock and Sheets of rain!

Yes, I am up and awake at 5 in the morning. What's worse is I have been awake since 4. Once in a great while I have these insomniac mornings, and have found it's better to just get up. Silly is with me, purring away, so at least she is not running wildly and loudly meowing through the house thinking it is time to go outside. She is all rilled up because it is raining and she can't sit out and watch the world go by.

I can hear a steady rain outside, and checking the local forecast, I see that Ernesto has considerably weakened. Our inland winds should be below 30 MPH and that's not bad. North Carolina is taking the punch out of the storm for us, though the governor has declared a state-of-emergency, as flooding will be probable and the national guard can better respond. Since downtown areas flood in light rain, the 6-8 inches they expect could cause some big problems.

Did you all enjoy yesterday's sheet rock movie? I hope you found it entertaining! I was glad it was not Eric having to heft those sheets (or me on the other end of one of them.) The guy upstairs catching the pieces was doing a pretty good job too. He's the main contractor, his son was the small guy taking the sheets off of the trailer and handing them up to the two helpers who hefted and sailed them through the open window. Here's a view from upstairs. Today they should be back to start putting the 65 sheets up!