Monday, June 27, 2005

Sunday the 26th - Roofing begins

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Here's this weeks picture of the progress at the house. The roof was only partially finished when we were there yesterday As you can see, some of the windows are installed, and the rest are in the garage. We expect to get a call this week to go for our electrical walk through, so we are seeing progress. Of couse after the roof is done and they move inside it may be awhile before we see brick and vinyl. And I don't know how much longer I'll be able to get into the house across the street for my overhead shots!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm Home at Last

We are all so excited that Michelle has gotten to go home with her mom and dad and grandma.We didn't go into great detail about the events of last week, but it turns out that Michelle wasn't really ill after all. Her one week of deluxe accomodations in NICU were just a event for babybook history now - only she had to endure all those pricks and sticks for nothing. What a girl doesn't go through for attention! NOT!!!
I hope her daddy doesn't mind me using his photo - but she just looks too cute and happy to be at home!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

All Wrapped up and Nowhere to Go

Is this not a cute face?Michelle is going to have to spend the better part of the next three weeks in NICU for an infection found the day after her birth. All indications are she will be fine - she looks great doesn't she? Her mom is going to be able to stay in the Fisher House, which is available for the families. It is great that she got a room because they live 45 minites from the hospital. You can check the link to her blog - Michelle's Moments in the sidebar to keep up with her progress.

Tomorrow we will head for Richmond to check on the house. Tom ( DSIL) informed us we have a first floor. So we are excited to see some real action that we can walk in! Should be fun to take Zack over now, as he is interested in this house that isn't there yet!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Michelle Elizabeth Walters (Mitch)

This is my new great-niece - daughter of Christine and Brian Walters - who live in Germany. Brian is in the Air Force. Right now my sister in law, Sally is there to help with the baby, She arrived almost two weeks ago and was about to get worried that Mitch was not going to make an appearance until time for her to come back to the states! I know she will have a great time holding her in the coming week - and it will be hard to leave her.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Baby Mitch

Welcome to the Walters Family! New Baby girl born to Brian and Christine in Germany. Brian is stationed there in the Air Force and baby Michele was born on the 16th, sometime in the early hours. Grandmother Sally Walters is there and will no doubt have all the more information soon via email!This makes 4 great-grandchildren for Earl and Annabelle - they are very proud. And now I am a great-aunt! Not to mention that my younger brother is now a grandpa too.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Pictures and news later!

The kitten is scowling at us again, she only got five shrimp for dinner and now she has thrown herself down on the floor in weakness. Of course, she keeps raising her head and looking up to see if anyone is watching her pitiful condition. I guess she is waiting for her nightly brushing too. She has gotten so spoiled to this new routine she rolls from side to side and even lets you brush her tummy. Pitiful, guess we need to change her name to the Pitiful Perfect Purring Princess with Prissy Paws. She was PPPPP for short, but will now have to be PPPPPP.

Well on a discouraging note, the house failed it’s first inspection of the foundation. It appears from what we can decipher looking at the permits online that the plans submitted don’t match what they actually build for a footing. Since we added a bay window and an extension, our bet is the plans the workers are working from are different than the set of master plans the county has on file. Since our plan is one of the variations, and the first to be built with this change, we are hopeful this is all a matter of a minor mixup. We are going to to to Richmond in the morning, so we can see what is going on ourselves.

So as they say, pictures and news later! We should have some shots of dirt and brick soon.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

And now we have summer

Obviously we are now full into summer heat. I see the weathermen are already watching a tropical storm headed for the Gulf of Mexico. I can only hope that this year is not a repeat of last year or the year before. Mike and Sally are preparing with special window coverings, and we are prepared with extra lines! Not much else we can do.

Today started and ended on a cool note, but it was near 90 mid day when I was making my way home from doing laundy. I can seriously say I am not going to miss going to a laundomat. I can hardly wait for a washer and dryer! We even discovered last night (DH discovered) that with the house plan flipped we will not have the washer and dryer doors opening opposite each other(i.e. back to back). The dryer will be to the right, with the door opening right, and the washer will be on the left with the door opening left! A smooth move from one to the other! We thought we were going to have to swap their positions (as they place the dryer & its vent on the outside wall).

We noted tonight we have a foundation inspection scheduled for tomorrow, so we are excited about that! Progress! We still don't know when we are going to go up to Richmond, though it should be this weekend.