Friday, December 21, 2007

Kleenex and Me

Somehow, somewhere, someone is out to get me. Just when I though I was over my cold, out of the blue another full blown head cold struck yesterday afternoon. One of those weird ones, where one side of you sinuses runs, and the other clogs up. Nasty. I went to bed early, and woke up feeling better, but my head feels like it is stuffed with cotton. Hopefully it won't linger. At least I am caught up on holiday activities.

This past week has been great fun, as Skyler was here visiting. Her Cone grandparents brought her by plane. When she and Maddie saw each other it was like long lost pieces of velcro, they latched onto each other and the 4 days here, were inseparable.
I had them over twice to play and bake. Monday they came and made cupcakes (Maddie's choice) for the birthday party for Maddie later in the evening. Tuesday they came for sugar cookie baking. I was pretty impressed with them both; they had cutting out cookies and decorating with sprinkles down to a fine art form. Of course, the kitchen floor was well decorated too.



I'll post other pictures of her visit, but now think it is about time get out of my PJ's.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sights from Washington and Oregon

Here are the photo albums I have put together of my trip to Washington and Oregon. If anyone has any memories or corrections to make to the picture captions, please do.

Each of the lines of Text below are a link to a web album of photos.

Grandma Walters House, now a Coffee House for the Neighborhood Church

Pictures of Riverview Cemetery, Milwaukie, Oregon

Walter Family Gathers

Trip to Friday Harbor, Washington

Quilt Retreat, Orkila YMCA Camp, Orcas Island

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Crescent Lake

The year I was 14 or 15 we went to Orcas Island for Vacation. We camped not far from this lake, and Dad came here to fish. While he rented a boat and went out fishing, Mom sat in the car, and Mike and I spent time on the beach. As often happens, a storm blew up in the afternoon. If I remember the story right, Mom got sea sick, from the car, watching the waves!

Trip in a Nutshell

The past two weeks in the Pacific Northwest were like a time travel adventure backwards. I will only cover a few high-lights here, some I think my Dad and Mom will enjoy. I intend to upload an album of pictures later today and will give a link to them when I have them ready.

The first day I arrived in Portland, one of my first adventures was to go to Milwaukie Oregon to see the house where my family lived. This was home for us from about 1956 until 1961. I was in second grade when we moved here, and Mike must have been about 2. Although I had been back here about 10 years ago, I didn't have a camera then, so took no pictures. The amazing thing to me is how small a place looks compared to one's memories. Although most of the neighbor homes are the same, the streets and houses seem much closer together than I remember as a child walking though the neighborhood on my way home from school, etc.

A second memory jolt was the week before on Orcas Island. We camped here when I was a teenager, probably about 13 or 14 years old. I remember my dad renting a boat to go out on this lake to fish, while Mike and I played on the beach, and mom sat in the car. From the parking lot, she could see all of us. An afternoon storm blew up, and mom got sea-sick from seeing the waves on the lake!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Take me with you, please ....



Silly has caught on the fact that something is going on, and it involves going somewhere. She is either trying to stay close, so she can keep her eye on the action, or else, she is making a bid to go with me. You notice she is sleeping nicely though in all the pictures, one would not want to loose sleep what ever is going on.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Weather

So, I am sure you all know we are still in a drought. Probably tomorrow night the local government will vote to put us all on water restrictions. For the year, we are over 6 inches below normal, and for October, which normally recieves 2.6 inches, we have had a whopping .01 of an inch. It was in the 80's today. Eric is still in shorts. So there, you know how much like summer it really is. The plants think it is spring, some are blooming again. Very weird.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

National Folk Festival - We love it!

Be sure and click on the title for more about the festival than the links below. The clips take time to load, so be patient!

One of my favorite groups was Vishten from Prince Edward Island in Canada - this was my favorite song! See why below!

Mariez – moi
Paroles / Lyrics : trad.
Air / Melody : Emmanuelle LeBlanc SOCAN

Marie moi donc ma petite maman, je veux me mettre en ménage
Voyez vous pas qu’j’arrive à vingt ans, je pense que c’est le bon âge
Toujours tourner, toujours filer, c’est un métier qui me ennuyer
Si vous ne me marier pas, ah non je ne filerai pas

Refrain / Chorus
Toujours tourner, toujours filer, c’est un métier qui me fait ennuyer
Ah, si vous ne me mariez pas, ah non je ne filerai pas
Si vous ne me marier pas, ah non ah non je ne filerai pas
Ah si vous ne me mariez pas, ah non, je ne filerai pas

Si qu’à vingt ans, j’suss pas mariée, je vous le dit oh mère!
J’voudrais qu’mon fouet serait réduit en cendre et en poussière
Et que ma quenouille, ma quenouille sur les tisons
Qu’elle soit réduite en cendre, en cendre et en charbon

Fillette rencontre son amant, lui raconta son histoire
Marions nous maintenant que j’ai fait consentir ma mère
L’amant pour la récompenser, lui donne pour gage un doux baiser
Marions nous, soyons heureux et tu fileras si tu veux
What did I like about this song ? The lyric ..... "si vous ne me mariez pas, ah non je ne filerai pas" - "If you don't marry me, Oh no, I am going to stop Knitting! " ..... Desparate woman do desparate things!

Today we are going to see D.L. Menard and The Jambalaya Cajun Band, his back up band.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


This week was Rebecca's Birthday, and as ususal the kids made her a cake and special gifts. This year they put together and painted birdhouses, both reflecting their current interests. Zack made a pirate ship, and Maddie a castle.

On the home front, it has not rained in over 3 weeks and we are 4 inches below normal now, the plants are pretty stressed. On top of that, it is supposed to be 90 tomorrow, so our temperatures are way above normal too. Last week we cleaned out the zennias from the beds and planted panseys, of course, if we had know it was going to be this hot this weekend (yes Mike I have heard of 7 day forecasts) - we would have waited. But, fall is in the air. at least the trees are starting to behave like it is fall, and next week the forecasters

Saturday, September 22, 2007

We finished a "Fitness Week" here at Crossridge, and in spite of very poor turnout, it was very well done and those of us who went to all the activities heard some brilliant speakers talk on health and ways to improve our health, as well as maintain where we are at. A few even promised we'd be rejuvenated! LOL! The underlying theme of most was drink more water! How simple.

The funniest incident (or most telling) though was on Thursday when a friend and I walked to the pavilion for lunch to hear a talk on Alzheimer's. When we got there, the talk had been canceled. I asked it they had called to alert everyone and they said yes. With a puzzled look we questioned not getting a call. Turns out we had NOT signed up for it ... Just thought we did. Now did we need that talk? I felt even worse thinking if we had signed up, maybe they would have had enough to hold the talk.

Friday my Yoga partner and I gave a one hour demo of Yoga for newcomers. She and I worked a couple weeks on it, made posters, etc. and we had only one person show up. Disappointing. But we have all the stuff done now, and think we may just do it again in a few months. The advertising for this was very poor, and what was done was confusing to many. Of course that's another issue, not to be confused with the fact that many just don't care about being proactive when it comes to health. Those that did participate were at nearly every talk.

Next week I'm going with a group to see the Capitol Building and the Governor's mansion. The Capitol was renovated these last few years in anticipation of the Jamestown celebration this past summer, and of course the Queen of England came to visit here. We'll eat downtown at the Capitol Ale House.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ages and Ages

Well I may win the award for the longest times between posts, if there is one. I still don't have much exciting to tell, but I do have a picture to share.

I love the view from my sewing room, and still do not like the thought of obscuring it with curtains. However I came to notice that there was a good bit of glare, especially near the top of the windows where the sky was in full view. Last week, Pam called to plan a "Thrift Store" invasion in Fredericksburg, where we meet once in a while. As she taught summer school this year this was here first time off. We always start the morning with breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, (we share a breakfast that has eveything) .... and then we hit the road.

This year we haunted some new places, and at one I found two valances for my windows. Both in perfect condition (only needed washing). They were Martha Stewart stuff, nice cotton with embroidery. And since I wasn't totally sure I would like any covering, the price was perfect. $3.00 for the pair. How can you beat that?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I couldn't resist!

One of the side benefits of being a grand and great-grand parent! Be sure and click for a big view!

And a added note to the post about the storm we had the other night - Dominion Power said there were 38,500 lightening strikes during the 6-7 hours of the storm. That translates to one a sec. It was QUITE a show.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Not much new is happening here on the home front. We are coming up on two years in the house, and it seems like we have been here forever. I have to really think back to remember life about AKK.

This week we had two events that made us thankful we are no longer on the boat. Yesterday afternoon we got a phone call from the man who bought the boat. He was having battery problems and issues with the AC pump. Eric talked with him quite awhile about both, but when he hung up, he and I both said, isn't in nice that is not our problem anymore! Then last night we had a terrific thunderstorm. It lasted (the lightening) well over 5 hours. Being aboard would have been loud and a worry, with that much lightening and the tall mast! We did lose power for about 6 hours, but it really wasn't an inconvenience, we finally just went to bed. The biggest problem (for me personally) was I couldn't finish the Harry Potter book as I had planned. Candle power just wasn't really strong enough to read by.

We got the house pressure washed (part of the provided maintenance) a few weeks ago and that was nice to have everything looking clean and shiny again. The storm blew lots of leaves an limbs into the yard, and we are still uncertain if they will come and pick them up or we will have to. Maybe tomorrow we can find that out. I hate to throw them into the wetland. My compost pile may have washed away, or else it is very compacted. I need to get down there with a rake and see if it is still there, or it floated off.

Well, nothing new under the sun here. Even with 2-4 inches of rain, we are still dry here.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Mike

Today is my little brother's birthday, HEY MIKE! Happy Birthday!!!

There isn't much exciting going on here. After last week and all the activity, this is nice. I took care of the Glen Allen Three yesterday for mom to go on a grocery run, and other than Yoga class, have been pretty close to home.
The Knitter met to dye with more natural stuff and have a pot-luck lunch. We had more luck with lunch that the stuff in the pots brewing! We tried blackberries, and though the color was acceptable, I'd have liked them better cooked up in Mom's cobbler! LOL.

Eric had his dental surgery on Wednesday, and if recovering well. Just a tiny bit of swelling, but no pain at all. I'm amazed at what they can do. The verdict is still not in on whether the loose tooth can be saved; it might have a fracture in it. So, time is needed here and until later, he just heals and carries on.

Neither of us have been upstairs working on train scenery, though it is time for me to start working on the third panel of a series of four going up on to the left of the window, along the side of the rail yard. So far, I have in a Creamery and Ice House, and in the distance homes and hillsides. I'd like to do cows (lol) but am not sure I can pull that off.

We've had a bit of rain, but still not enough. This weekend though we have a prediction of two days of possible showers. Hopefully that will happen.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Jake is 5 Months Old

Here is a group of pictures of Jake taken this week - he turned 5 months old on Wednesday. Jake spent every morning with us while the others went to church for Avalanche Ranch - VBS, Z and M had breakfast each morning before going off.

Camp Nana

Be sure to watch for the surprise ending to the video!

Friday, July 06, 2007


Last year I planted parsley for us to use in cooking. The swallowtail caterpillars dined on it and we didn't, at least not until late in the season when they were gone. This year, I planted again, and they came again, only this time, they have not left anything to speak of, if there is a second crop it will be a miracle.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Last Night

This picture was made by Tom the last night Mom and Dad visited in Virginia. There are four generations here, great-grand parents, grandma, daughter and great-grand children! I am sure everyone recognizes us all!

Monday, June 11, 2007

What happens when you dial the wrong number?

Zack called and left a message this morning about 8:40 and said he wanted to have breakfast when he came over. He, Maddie and Jake were coming for their monday morning visit. I didn't bother to call back, as I knew they'd be over soon.

About 30 minutes later, a very flustered Becky arrived, with a sheepish Zack. The first thing out of her mouth was, "You need to change your phone number". It seems, when Zack dialed the number (he is learning to dial himself) he hit one of the numbers wrong, so he hung up. He then dialed and left the message I heard. In the meantime, Becky got into the shower. A few minutes later Zack came to the bathroom door and said, "Mom, there is a man at the door." Becky was expecting the contractor who is doing their garage renovation, so she told him that was ok, she'd be out in a bit, don't open the door. She continued her shower, but when she got out and opened the bath roon door, Zack was standing there with a worried look on his face. He said, "Mom, the man is still there, and he's a policeman."

Well, Becky hoped into her clothes, ran downstairs, and opened the door, and two patrolmen were about to walk around the house and try to get in, since the kids wouldn't open the door. There first question to her was, "Is everything all right?"It seems, when Zack dialed my phone number, which begins 915 - he actually dialed 911, and then hung up. He knew that wasn't right. She said the fact her hair was dripping wet seemed to convince them the story was right. What a morning!

Thursday, May 31, 2007


My Birthday was today, (50+++++++++ if you want to know) and my family - DH, Daughter and Son-in law, and my three sweet DGKids helped me celebrate in style. I had calls from my parents and son too!

First the day started with some of this:

I came home after a wonderful class (I do recommend Yoga for anyone looking to increase balance, flexibility and strength) and worked some on this:

Of course there were cards and flowers:

And gifts from the grandchildren, who have pronounced themselves ready to learn how to knit. The orange is grandson's FAVORITE color, and of course, the granddaughter picked pink (though she usually says green when asked for her favorite). Grandson says he wants to make a scarf, and granddaughter a blanket.

The evening was capped off by dinner out and I pronounced myself blessed. It was a perfect day.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


I know, it has been ages since I have blogged here. I am embarrassed to even look and see how long it has been. Hope you all will forgive me. I guess it's a good thing I don't do this for a living, right?

Virginia has been having wonderful weather, and we have enjoyed having the windows open and not having to use the Ac. All that ended this evening, when we finally had to turn it on, today was almost 90 and tomorrow is supposed to be the same. We are having the Edicola's over for a BBQ tomorrow, so our Memorial Day will be full of fun and activity. I am sure some will involve working on the trains.

The trains are actually the most news we have to report. I'm posting a few pictures so you can see the progress. Things are moving slow, thought that is mostly due to parts and pieces for track (switches) that have been on back-order for over a month.

This piece of blank bookcase:

Has become a freight yard:

And the construction crew:

Has produced this:

Click on any of these pictures for a full size picture.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

And the winner is!

You could have blown me over today, because I won first place in the Spinning Guild's Fiber Challenge. Remember, I have only been spinning about 10 months, and some of these people have been spinning for decades, and decades. Back in January we were each issued a 1 oz hunk of pink wool roving. To make a long story short, I worked on that roving, I dyed, I carded, I blended, ..... you get the picture I think! Today 21 of us brought our finished skeins to be judged. Seriously, there were some that were much more interesting than mine, or at least I thought so. Of course that may be because I have been looking at the stuff for months. I worked hard on the one page write up we had to have, and also on the final presentation - how it all looked. And who knows, maybe it was the candy? I tried to cover all my bases!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Only a mother would love this face

Mr. and Mrs. Mockingbird and the 2 little M & M's have left the nest. It appears that sometime yesterday evening they decided it was time to venture out. No worry, I guess, that the wind was blowing so hard even the cat wouldn't sit outside. So, we think they are in the hedge around the transformer in the front yard. We see Mom M in the bush chirping to someone who is answering. Our next question is, will she nest again and will we have M & M II. Have to wait and see we guess.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Newest Addition


Here's what's newest at our house.
Move your mouse over the picture and see who appeared yesterday. Mrs. M (Mockingbird) has been very busy. I don't know what happened to egg #3, there may be three in the nest. I didn't have permission to linger long.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Look Carefully - See that beady eye?

Mrs. "M" as she is know around here, is sitting on her nest inside the holly tree. Can you see her eye and beak? Click for a larger view if you have trouble seeing. Inside her nest are three small eggs, no bigger than those tiny wrapped chocolate Easter candies. They are brownish in color and speckled, as best I could tell in the quick peek I got while she was off looking for food.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

How to build stomach muscles

This little guy has found a system, he does curl ups and grabs a handful (or paw-full I guess) and then leans back down to eat!


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pickles Scores Again!

A week ago Monday, before Easter was Bunco. I've been playing with this group for over a year now, and won once before, way back at the beginning, second prize. This month, I won first place! $30.00 to ad to my "mad money" which is basically used to fuel my bad habits, knitting, and buying gifts for small children. Anyhow, April must be my lucky month, because this morning I got an email from a knit blogger in England named Julie. I had entered a contest she had on her blog and won 2 books and some KnitPicks yarn that will be perfect for socks. So, I am a happy camper!

Today Eric is working on making two blocks for the loom I am preparing for a class in June. I purchased an additional heddle for this loom in order to be able to weave finer fabric. The blocks on the existing heddle are too small, so rather than sand them and spoil them forever he'll make me a set that will replace the originals when I switch heddles. This way, should I want to do a looser weave, I just change the blocks. I am sure that is clear as greek, but believe me, it is going to work nicely. It would be nice if he had a band saw, it would make this all easier, but he doesn't, so in spite of a few problems, he should have a pair soon.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Egg hunting, 2007

Easter 2007

I just got pictures together for a collage of Easter Egg hunting by the grandkids. Looks like they all had a wonderful time, don't you think? If you click on any one of the pictures you will be taken to Flickr, where you can see larger pictures.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Home in the Holly Tree

A mockingbird has been diligently building a nest in the holly tree in our front flower bed. At first I thought it was going to be mighty uncomfortable, even for a bird. Lots of twigs and pointy sticks. Today I decided to take a quick picture, and what to my surprise, the nest has been transformed into a pretty cushy pad. It seems my dusty miller in the back yard has been appropriated to line the new nursery. I must say, they picked a nice soft plant to do the finishing touches. I wonder when we can expect eggs?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Silly and Eric make the news

Silly has been sending in ideas to the Pickles creator, Brian Crane. Too bad Silly doesn't get paid better. This is Eric and Silly to a T.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So, where were we?

I know it's been ages since I have had any real news or stories to relate .... and I can only report that there isn't much new here chez Cole's Point Way. But, here we go .....

IMG_5374.JPGLast Saturday I spent the day with a group of the Clothos Spinners at Maymont. We had been asked to demonstarte spinning for the crowds of children and their parents visiting the farm for Barn Days. There were lots of kids, and not all of them were children, yes, the Cashmere goats had three kids and they were adorable.

Monday was celebration day at Chuck E. Cheese for Zack's birthday party! Lots of fun, pizza and kids. Tom's parents Mike and Mary were there as they came for Easter and the birthday. The kids really had a good time with the games, and the closed circuit TV studio. Most of Zack's friends were there from pre-school and also his long time friend Owen. Maddie had friends too as some of Zack's friends have siblings her age.

During the past few months Eric has been hard at work on plans for his train platforms. He has finally finalized the plans and has been busy busy building. The following slideshow is a quick look at the results.

And finally, a short visit today from grandson #2 and mommy.
Jake, 7 weeks

Monday, March 26, 2007