Monday, January 30, 2006

A sign of spring?

Today is the last day of January, and I see I have not blogged for the family this week. This last week of the month was fairly uneventful here in Virginia. The weather has been mild, and though we had a few nights with temperatures that were approaching freezing, we have enjoyed being able to go outside with only a light jacket. Some of the bulbs we planted are in bloom and the pansies are really putting out blosoms.

Friday I went swimming with the grandkids and Rebecca. I took them to "Nana's pool" (the clubhouse) and they really seemed to enjoy the water. I think that this will be something they will like doing. They do have swimming at the club where their family belongs, but I don't think they swim often this time of the year. The nice thing about the pool here is that we were there with only two other people, so the water was pretty calm and the kids had plenty of freedom to move about without worrying about being splashed by someone else.

Meadow Farm which is part of the Henrico County Public Park system had a meeting and orientation for new volunteers on Saturday. I had been thinking that I would like to do some volunteer work there as they have a variety of activities that they offer to the community. SInce it is the closest neighborhood part and one we visit often I thought it would be interesting. Their Sewing Guild meets once a month at the museum and they work on clothing for the costumes the farm provides for the volunteers who "interpret" the farm activities for the public. At the moment there are no activities on schedule that the guild itself participates in, but in the fall one of the weekends is centered on quilting. Coming up in April is the "Sheep to Shawl" weekend and they will be shearing sheep all the Saturdays in April. A group of spinners from another guild will come for the "Sheep to Shawl" Sunday to demonstrate spinning and other activities involved in getting the fiber into a finished article. Sounds interesting to me! Oh yes, there are new baby lambs at Meadow Farm now, is spring coming?

Baby Lambs

This morning we had additional insulation blown into the attic. We decided the added layer would help with the heating costs, and the payback period was short. Hopefully this next week when the temperatures go down we will see a small difference.

Finally, today marks four months in our home. From now on, I will only post in the house blog occasionally, and will provide a link from here so you will know something new has been added.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Blog update

If you notice in the family section of the sidebar, there is a new button for Anne's Blog. No longer is the blog named the Daily Drudge, it now has a new more apropo title .... One Day At A Time. So, if you didn't notice, now you know .....
Also, I am very remiss in wishing my # One son, Russell, a Happy 30th Birthday on the blog. I am sure he would know a way to have the blog sing Happy Birthday, but I will have to settle with this

Image hosting by Photobucket

He, Amy and friends went out for Sushi, his favorite! I hope they had a wonderful time. It's hard for me to believe he is 30 already, as Sally said, there must be a time warp, because I don't feel that old! Seems like only yesterday he was born. Happy Birthday again!!

Dad and Nurse Skyler

Monday, January 16, 2006

Trips upstairs, back and forth

Christmas is almost officially over at our house. The tree is down and so are all the houses, much to Z & M's dismay. The houses were a big hit, and I know they will look forward to seeing them next year. The only remnants of the holiday are the garland and lights over the kitchen cabinets, and we kind of like that look, so they may stay for awhile. Everything looks so roomy without the space taken up clutter made by the tree.

I've lost count of the number of trips we have made up stairs, but I know it's been many. Silly is always up for a mad dash, and l am always the rotten egg, as she always beats me up to the top! It's lucky we have so much room up there, as so far, without a master plan, everything is just kind of in a "designated area". As long as things don't move on their own we are in good shape.

We made the electric and gasoline companies happy this week, we bought 4 lamps. That only involved 3 trips to Lowes. The first trip we bought two lamps, one floor and one table. We decided we didn't like the floor lamp in the intended spot, but it looked much better somewhere else, and actually needed a buddy for another chair. So we decided to get two more like the first two. Brought them home and opened up and found one dented. So, back again to replace it. It's great not having to use the ceiling lights exclusively now and since we bought some of the new fluorescent bulbs for the table lamps we are happy to turn everything up!

While at Lowes the second time, we had extra keys cut. Yes, you guessed it. They didn't work, so I had to take them back today (4th trip in 3 days) and as they finally allowed after another try, they just didn't have the right blanks and sent me on to a private locksmith/security company. I at least got to combine that trip with returning the ladder to Becky and dropping by the doctors to pick up samples and a prescription for the BP meds she forgot to give me a week ago.

So, back and forth, up and down, we've been busy. Nothing exciting, but busy.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Yes, I am still here!

Image hosted by I can't begin to imagine where the time went this past week. We were very busy, or at least by our standards.


Tuesday I started what is called "Fit and Flex". This is a water exercise class, I wouldn't call it aerobics, because we don't have music and there is another class called Water Aerobics. So, obviously they must be different! CR (Crossridge) Homeowners have a very nice pavilion, (picture on the left), and indoor pool. The swim class is for an hour, and we meet twice a week. It's been strange, as I have had to set an alarm since the class starts at 9, and I like to have time for something to eat. Seems like when you don't need an alarm you are always awake early, but when you need to be up, you sleep on and on. Better safe than sorry. The class is taught by a retired PE teacher, and she has been teaching this kind of class for 35 years. I think she is quite good, and we have all kinds of flotation "gadgets" to amuse and force us to work harder. So far, it is very enjoyable.

On Wednesday we kept the kids for a couple hours during the day while Rebecca went out to lunch with a friend who is about to have her baby. Lynn was in nursing school with Becky and they have always stayed in touch. After the kids left Eric got the TV and everything moved again because the furniture people were bringing the entertainment unit. They arrived after dark, 6:15 pm. They were nice enough to pick up the TV and put it into the unit for us. The rest of the cable connecting took the better part of Thursday and some of Friday. Oh yes, this time the unit was in perfect condition.

Thursday I went swimming again and came home about 10:15. I went straight to my computer to check on the delivery of the storage/drawers for my sewing room which I though were overdue. Well, the website said they had been delivered and left at the front door. Looked outside, and sure enough there they were! Isn't the internet neat! Talk about delivery confirmation.

Friday morning, had to set the alarm again, because Becky and Maddie and I went shopping at Kohl's. This is a really nice department store in the old tradition. New to me, and very well stocked and neat. They were continuing their after Christmas sale, and it was a good one. When we got home, Zack who we picked up at preschool, and Maddie helped Eric put the hinges and doors on the unit I had ordered. He really, REALLY did didn't need their help.

Yesterday we tried to learn how to use the new HP printer we got after Christmas. It was kind of our Christmas to each other. It prints, scans pictures, slides and negatives. The learning curve for it and the software will be a bit steep, but I'm sure practice will make perfect.

Well, that's all for tonight.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year to All

Image hosted by For the first time in years I didn't see in the New Year. Eric and I were up until 11:28pm, and then I just couldn't keep my eyes open any more. I was pretty certain there would be fireworks or something to alert me, but either there were none, or I slept through them.

I didn't sleep through the 10PM display in my backyard though. Yes, right in the back yard. The neighbor's directly behind us put on an excellent display of sparklers, rockets and real fireworks early in the evening. Their kids were out enjoying the spirit of the night and the colors and sounds were excellent, close and loud! The back windows of the Florida room were a perfect place to watch it from. I was thankful it had rained sometime in the last few days and all the woods were wet, of course that comes from years of Smokey the Bear campaigns.

Speaking of wild animals, Silly the normally fearless cat gave the entire display a -10. She hates fireworks, and her eyes were still big as saucers as she peered out from under her fort at 11:30pm. She kept scanning the ceiling like Chicken Little, sure the sky was falling.

This was the closest display she or any of us have ever witnessed. I wonder if the neighbors do the same display for the 4th of July?