Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Re-connected with the WWW

Today was a big day, the newspaper finally arrived and we were able to get connected to the internet again. I know this doesn't seem like a major thing, but it certainly turned out to be a trial by fire. Our first hurdle was the USPS. For over two weeks they did not have us in their national database. Now, this only seems strange because we were getting mail from them. Go figure ... they don't use their own database maybe? Because they didn't undate their database, Getconnected.com which is an internet company that is used to see what internet service is available was unable to validate that we were actually there. Once we finally showed up in the USPS, then we found out that not only Getconnected still didn't have us, but neither did Comcast. Go figure that one, since we already have cable TV from Comcast. Anyhow, someone higher up at Circuit City was finally able to get around all this .... and we are connected. And it is way cool to be connected at this speed! It's like driving a race car after being in a child's pedal car.

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