Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Day after snow

Front, Dec. 6, 2005

Good JobEric spent the better half of the morning being a good neighbor. After clearing our driveway and walk, he and another neighbor went across the street and cleared the drive for a third neighbor Paul, as he has had heart trouble and can't shovel. Paul had tried to get his car out (he managed that) and the car couldn't get traction to get back up on their steep drive, so they helped him with getting everything clear so he could pull back into his drive. Then Eric moved up the street to another neighbor on the same side of the street as Paul. We found another good reason for a lot on the south side of the street, aside from being level, we also get morning sun. Our drive was dry and clear before the sun even hit across the street. Although the snow was pretty, almost eveyone wanted the snow out of their drive. It wasn't considered deep enough for the community snow removal guys, though they did do the streets with a sweeper. Eric did get to test drive a variety of shovels, so when we go buy one tomorrow, assuming we can find one, he has a pretty good idea of what to get. Of course, if Mike wants to mail us one - I'm sure he isn't using his! We are due snow again later this week!

I started the day in the sewing room, determined to unpack books and get things arranged. Around 11 my old AF neighbor from Panama, Pam called and said she would be through on her way back to DC. She came to lunch, and we had a great visit. She also got to see Becky and her two little ones, which was Deja Vu for Pam, as she remembers Becky as a baby. Pam thinks Maddie and Becky strongly favor each other. It was good to see Pam again, it's been a few months, so we had a great time visiting and making plans for another shopping adventure.

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Alan said...

Just passing by, happened to click on the 'next blog' button.

Cool house pix with the snow! Hope it snows here as well in time for Christmas!