Friday, July 14, 2006

Updates and sights from our backyard

We are harvesting about a dozen tomatoes a day now, and they are still coming on strong. I especially like the little grape tomato plant, it has groups of 6-8 little gems that ripen in succession. Some are green, some yellow, some ripe. Kind of fun to see. They have been delicious. We have been making a greek salad with marinated tomato, cucumber, feta, red onion and fresh herbs. Yummy!

Construction is going full tilt just 2 lots away from us. Eric reports that the concrete truck was there at 6am this morning. I love these big cranes that pump the mix out to the back parts of the lot. They can even go over the roof of a house to pump the patio, as the builder waits to pour it till last, once the house is almost finished. I guess they have had too many patios and sidewalks torn up by equipment.

Speaking of equipment tearing up things, we are without sprinklers again. Because of the work up the street, the water system pipes have been broken twice this week. They repaired the first break, and before the 24 hour waiting for glue to dry period was up, a second line was dug up somewhere else. Maybe we will have water tomorrow.

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Sally said...

Sorry to hear that you are without sprinklers again, but happy that you have so many lovely tomatoes! Yummmm!