Sunday, October 01, 2006

Maymont with friends!

I had a great weekend with the people in this picture! I am sure some of you know and recognize them from Lufkin. They now live in West Virginia, and came for a visit so their oldest at home son could run in the McDonalds Cross Country Festival at Maymont. Before the race, we ran the little ones around so they could expend some energy. I don't think it fazed them, but I was tired after the treck down into the Japanese Gardens. This is a beautful place, and the setting was perfect for a fall day. The race drew about 1500 runners, and a crowd of about 7,000. Quite the event.

I don't have anything of great interest to tell. I have taken more pictures of the upstairs, and one day this week I'll get them up on the house blog.

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joyce said...

Jo, Who is this precious family of boys, boys, boys? Know you said Lukfin, and they look familiar, but...