Saturday, May 19, 2007

And the winner is!

You could have blown me over today, because I won first place in the Spinning Guild's Fiber Challenge. Remember, I have only been spinning about 10 months, and some of these people have been spinning for decades, and decades. Back in January we were each issued a 1 oz hunk of pink wool roving. To make a long story short, I worked on that roving, I dyed, I carded, I blended, ..... you get the picture I think! Today 21 of us brought our finished skeins to be judged. Seriously, there were some that were much more interesting than mine, or at least I thought so. Of course that may be because I have been looking at the stuff for months. I worked hard on the one page write up we had to have, and also on the final presentation - how it all looked. And who knows, maybe it was the candy? I tried to cover all my bases!

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Sally said...

Congrats!!!!! What lovely yarn! You sure did a great job, we are proud of you!