Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday - After the Walk-through


We met the Eagle walk through person at 2 and finished up at 4:45. I think it took longer than she thought it would, but we were pretty ruthless with pointing out places that needed touching up.If you could see inside there are about 150 pieces of blue tape pointing out dings, and paint boo boo's. Nothing major at all. The most serious was a spot of stain (varnish) on the carpet right where you walk into the room. Not sure what they will do about it.

The supervisor came by ( the one Eric had so much trouble with) - and made nice-nice with us. He will meet with us for a final punch check list on the day before closing. He said we would have grass by then. We could see that they had tested the sprinklers and the flower bed in front looked pretty nice. If these plants die they will be replaced. Right now we are getting a light rain, so that can only do good.

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Sally said...

Wow, Jo! The house looks great, and glad that most all of the problems are just cosmetic. Should be easy to fix. I too am wondering that they will do with the drop of stain on the carpet.
Cute that you are a lamb!