Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sunday after Katrina

As you can see I have added a link to the Red Cross in my sidebar. I'd like to encourage everyone who might read this blog or come across it to help the victims of Katrina in some way. If not money, prayers. There are several knitting bloggers Wendy and Margene and Susan who have set up sites and made arrangements for auctions and prizes as incentive to donate to a good cause. Be sure and check their blogs out if you have not seen them already. Give a Little has more information. Every Little Bit Helps!

Not much has happened here on the boat this weekend. We are having beautiful cool weather. A nice breeze. However most of the boaters who when out on their boats have returned because it is a bit too breezy. Those that had three day plans came back yesterday because tomorrow is supposed to be so iffy. I guess with the cost of fuel and gasoline it might be better. I actually wonder why the president didn't ask everyone to stay home this weekend in order to conserve fuel. Of course the businessmen in this country would not have liked that.

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