Sunday, January 08, 2006

Yes, I am still here!

Image hosted by I can't begin to imagine where the time went this past week. We were very busy, or at least by our standards.


Tuesday I started what is called "Fit and Flex". This is a water exercise class, I wouldn't call it aerobics, because we don't have music and there is another class called Water Aerobics. So, obviously they must be different! CR (Crossridge) Homeowners have a very nice pavilion, (picture on the left), and indoor pool. The swim class is for an hour, and we meet twice a week. It's been strange, as I have had to set an alarm since the class starts at 9, and I like to have time for something to eat. Seems like when you don't need an alarm you are always awake early, but when you need to be up, you sleep on and on. Better safe than sorry. The class is taught by a retired PE teacher, and she has been teaching this kind of class for 35 years. I think she is quite good, and we have all kinds of flotation "gadgets" to amuse and force us to work harder. So far, it is very enjoyable.

On Wednesday we kept the kids for a couple hours during the day while Rebecca went out to lunch with a friend who is about to have her baby. Lynn was in nursing school with Becky and they have always stayed in touch. After the kids left Eric got the TV and everything moved again because the furniture people were bringing the entertainment unit. They arrived after dark, 6:15 pm. They were nice enough to pick up the TV and put it into the unit for us. The rest of the cable connecting took the better part of Thursday and some of Friday. Oh yes, this time the unit was in perfect condition.

Thursday I went swimming again and came home about 10:15. I went straight to my computer to check on the delivery of the storage/drawers for my sewing room which I though were overdue. Well, the website said they had been delivered and left at the front door. Looked outside, and sure enough there they were! Isn't the internet neat! Talk about delivery confirmation.

Friday morning, had to set the alarm again, because Becky and Maddie and I went shopping at Kohl's. This is a really nice department store in the old tradition. New to me, and very well stocked and neat. They were continuing their after Christmas sale, and it was a good one. When we got home, Zack who we picked up at preschool, and Maddie helped Eric put the hinges and doors on the unit I had ordered. He really, REALLY did didn't need their help.

Yesterday we tried to learn how to use the new HP printer we got after Christmas. It was kind of our Christmas to each other. It prints, scans pictures, slides and negatives. The learning curve for it and the software will be a bit steep, but I'm sure practice will make perfect.

Well, that's all for tonight.

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Sally said...

Meant to say in the email, lovely pavilion and swimming pool! I am sure you will enjoy all of it!