Monday, January 16, 2006

Trips upstairs, back and forth

Christmas is almost officially over at our house. The tree is down and so are all the houses, much to Z & M's dismay. The houses were a big hit, and I know they will look forward to seeing them next year. The only remnants of the holiday are the garland and lights over the kitchen cabinets, and we kind of like that look, so they may stay for awhile. Everything looks so roomy without the space taken up clutter made by the tree.

I've lost count of the number of trips we have made up stairs, but I know it's been many. Silly is always up for a mad dash, and l am always the rotten egg, as she always beats me up to the top! It's lucky we have so much room up there, as so far, without a master plan, everything is just kind of in a "designated area". As long as things don't move on their own we are in good shape.

We made the electric and gasoline companies happy this week, we bought 4 lamps. That only involved 3 trips to Lowes. The first trip we bought two lamps, one floor and one table. We decided we didn't like the floor lamp in the intended spot, but it looked much better somewhere else, and actually needed a buddy for another chair. So we decided to get two more like the first two. Brought them home and opened up and found one dented. So, back again to replace it. It's great not having to use the ceiling lights exclusively now and since we bought some of the new fluorescent bulbs for the table lamps we are happy to turn everything up!

While at Lowes the second time, we had extra keys cut. Yes, you guessed it. They didn't work, so I had to take them back today (4th trip in 3 days) and as they finally allowed after another try, they just didn't have the right blanks and sent me on to a private locksmith/security company. I at least got to combine that trip with returning the ladder to Becky and dropping by the doctors to pick up samples and a prescription for the BP meds she forgot to give me a week ago.

So, back and forth, up and down, we've been busy. Nothing exciting, but busy.

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Sally said...

Great to see your updated blog! Does sound like you have been very busy, I hope you get some time to relax now, and maybe try out the knitting olympics the Yarn Harlot has proposed! How is your foot doing?