Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring Flowers

Our last few days have been very warm, and all the flowers are blooming, except the daffodils of course, which we think will come in full bloom after we leave for Texas. I feel certain they will not be happy little flowers though when we get a freeze a few nights from now. Since we'll miss their peak bloom time we will have to look forward to next year, by then we should even have more! At least we can hope! We planted day lilies, a forsythia, a few hosta and other lilies that all came from Rebecca's yard. Most are plants that will take care of themselves, and hopefully live through the summer. If we don't get the forecasted rain tonight I may have to go borrow a hose from a neighbor as things are pretty dry out back.

The next post should be from Texas! Since we won't have an internet connection (except Dad's) we probably won't we doing any photos, so enjoy these!

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