Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spring is Coming

Red oakHyacinth

I don't have much news to report, except to say that overnight it seems the trees are budding. The woods behind us no longer has that bare look of winter. Things are not turning green yet, but with such a showing already it can't be too far away.

We have heating and ac men coming on Thursday to begin trading the units we have for new units which we will need for the enclosed space upstairs. To make a long story short, we will have a true dual zone system, and in the long run it will be better than anything Eagle would have done, if they had been willing. SInce they were not willing to upgrade the heat/ac for us to accomodate the space we knew we would eventually enclose, this is the option we have taken. The heating guys say it will be a one or two day job, so we should be done with them by Monday.

Our plan is to leave for Lufkin on Wednesday! It will be a busy trip with clearing out the store room and sorting and repacking the things that will finally make their way to Glen Allen. We will also be able to have a garage sale while we are home with the Englewood neighborhood, so that will be convenient.

Can't wait to see Skyler, Russell and Amy, who will come up for a visit durning the time we are there, and of course Mom and Dad!

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Totally cool photos!