Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

This is one of my favorite pictures, even if blogger thinks it needs to be sideways! It is a very appropriate picture of what today is all about for I think!

Happy Fathers Day to my dad, son, brother, nephew and son-in law ! Hopefully next week at this time Dad will be here and we can celebrate with a real cake, and maybe some crab cakes! Sounds good to me! I also hope to be able to connect with Russell later today. I hope Skyler is taking him out for a fabulous sushi dinner somewhere! I love all of you, and as far as I am concerned, you are all the best there are! You all are great examples of being a father and in my dad's case, also grand-father and great-grandfather. Enjoy your special day!

Nothing too exciting going on here, though yesterday I did go to a plant sale at the the garden . (Held, gratefully after the ball game in the last post). This was an impromptu sale, not one of the usual huge vendor sales they have twice a year. They were given 1,000 bulbs to sell by a vendor in VA., and they also cleared and cleaned out starts from their own greenhouses. There were so many people there, most just snatching up what they could carry. Almost everything was $1.00, so I could not resist getting some at that price. I planted about half yesterday, and will get out in the back today and plant the rest as soon as I decide where!

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