Sunday, June 11, 2006

We picked tomatoes

Yesterday afternoon we picked the first tomatoes from our plants, and there are lots more to come! We have about a half dozen banana peppers almost ready and the japalenos are doing nicely too. Tonight we used some of the herbs in a marinade, so it will be interesting to see the difference if any between fresh and dried.

Not much else is happening here. We are still wishing for rain, yet loving the cooler temperatures we are having. We have not had the AC unit on except for 3 days in late May. That is welcome. it's nice to have the windows open and hear the birds outside.

Tomorrow I am planning to go to the Botanical Gardens with Rebecca and the kids in the afternoon. I'll go for my scheduled swim at noon, the earliest the pool is open for free swim. A neighbor and I have started going together on MWF and we have almost worked up to swimming 30 minutes. Good progress for us.

It's been great talking to Lufkin and hearing all the news and activities. I know everyone will be sad tomorrow when Brian and Christine and baby Michele leave to go home. They will move into their new house this week, so I am sure they are excited about that.

Mom and Dad, we are planning for you to come, so be thinking when. I think anytime you want to arrive after the 19th will be fine. If our neighbors are true to form, we will have fireworks right here in the back yard!

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