Sunday, February 04, 2007

February Already?

I can't report a great deal of action going on here in Virginia. We are having a pretty cold spell lately, with temperatures this week scheduled to be 16 tonight, and 8 tomorrow! Sillly has an answer to the new cooler temps:

Yes that is the desk area in front of my TV. She discovered this is a warm place, what with the cable box being on the shelf underneath the table. We have now moved her bed here, so she is even more comfortable. And, when she is feeling extra lazy, she can still see the birds outside by turning around and to face the window and rests her head on the side of her bed.

I also made "Warm Windows" for the 5 back windows of the house. This is a gread product, and though not the easiest to handle, has defnitely made a difference in the overall temperature in the Florida room and my sewing room.

This past Satrday I met with the sewing guild at Meadow Farm and we finished up the quilt project we have been working on for the last few months.

I promise more soon, as it is late now and almost dinner time. Hope all is well with everyone!

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