Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday - Rainy and Cold

This past week has been a whirlwind - it is hard to believe that one week ago, everything seemed to be calm, with nothing looming on the horizon out of the ordinary!

So this week, we have baby Jake, who Maddie has informed me can not go visit me at my house, because he is theirs, and I can't have him. I guess she is attached to him, you think? She and I went out for a swim date yesterday and had ice cream too. I think she was still in CIRCUS mode from last Monday, because she picked Cotton Candy as her flavor. I actually think she was attracted to the color, which was bubble-gum pink! Click on the word CIRCUS and see all the pictures from that trip from last week.

This past week also sent me back to the dentist for a crown, and a prep for another. I also had an appointment for new glasses, so I should be in good working order here soon! It wasn't planned this way, as the glasses broke last week after yoga, and I was forced into going in since repair was out of the question.

Today I knitted new toes into a pair of socks for Eric. He had worn the bottoms out. I read my noted from when I made them, I had reinforced the heels with wooly nylon, but not the toes. Lesson - reinforce all his foot with wooly nylon!

This week the knitters come for a visit, and I have hopes of working on Jake's quilt. I finished the cradle blanket Becky didn't get done, and will make a small flannel crib sheet for the Moses Basket he sleeps in downstairs. There is just enough fabric left from the blanket.

We've had a cold wet rain, off and on all day. Not the nicest weather, but at least not snow. Hopefully it will be clear tomorrow, we plan a trip to SAM's and Kroger's on Tuesday. Very exciting, no?

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Sally said...

Good to hear all your news, Jo. Take care,