Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So, where were we?

I know it's been ages since I have had any real news or stories to relate .... and I can only report that there isn't much new here chez Cole's Point Way. But, here we go .....

IMG_5374.JPGLast Saturday I spent the day with a group of the Clothos Spinners at Maymont. We had been asked to demonstarte spinning for the crowds of children and their parents visiting the farm for Barn Days. There were lots of kids, and not all of them were children, yes, the Cashmere goats had three kids and they were adorable.

Monday was celebration day at Chuck E. Cheese for Zack's birthday party! Lots of fun, pizza and kids. Tom's parents Mike and Mary were there as they came for Easter and the birthday. The kids really had a good time with the games, and the closed circuit TV studio. Most of Zack's friends were there from pre-school and also his long time friend Owen. Maddie had friends too as some of Zack's friends have siblings her age.

During the past few months Eric has been hard at work on plans for his train platforms. He has finally finalized the plans and has been busy busy building. The following slideshow is a quick look at the results.

And finally, a short visit today from grandson #2 and mommy.
Jake, 7 weeks

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