Saturday, September 22, 2007

We finished a "Fitness Week" here at Crossridge, and in spite of very poor turnout, it was very well done and those of us who went to all the activities heard some brilliant speakers talk on health and ways to improve our health, as well as maintain where we are at. A few even promised we'd be rejuvenated! LOL! The underlying theme of most was drink more water! How simple.

The funniest incident (or most telling) though was on Thursday when a friend and I walked to the pavilion for lunch to hear a talk on Alzheimer's. When we got there, the talk had been canceled. I asked it they had called to alert everyone and they said yes. With a puzzled look we questioned not getting a call. Turns out we had NOT signed up for it ... Just thought we did. Now did we need that talk? I felt even worse thinking if we had signed up, maybe they would have had enough to hold the talk.

Friday my Yoga partner and I gave a one hour demo of Yoga for newcomers. She and I worked a couple weeks on it, made posters, etc. and we had only one person show up. Disappointing. But we have all the stuff done now, and think we may just do it again in a few months. The advertising for this was very poor, and what was done was confusing to many. Of course that's another issue, not to be confused with the fact that many just don't care about being proactive when it comes to health. Those that did participate were at nearly every talk.

Next week I'm going with a group to see the Capitol Building and the Governor's mansion. The Capitol was renovated these last few years in anticipation of the Jamestown celebration this past summer, and of course the Queen of England came to visit here. We'll eat downtown at the Capitol Ale House.

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