Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ages and Ages

Well I may win the award for the longest times between posts, if there is one. I still don't have much exciting to tell, but I do have a picture to share.

I love the view from my sewing room, and still do not like the thought of obscuring it with curtains. However I came to notice that there was a good bit of glare, especially near the top of the windows where the sky was in full view. Last week, Pam called to plan a "Thrift Store" invasion in Fredericksburg, where we meet once in a while. As she taught summer school this year this was here first time off. We always start the morning with breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, (we share a breakfast that has eveything) .... and then we hit the road.

This year we haunted some new places, and at one I found two valances for my windows. Both in perfect condition (only needed washing). They were Martha Stewart stuff, nice cotton with embroidery. And since I wasn't totally sure I would like any covering, the price was perfect. $3.00 for the pair. How can you beat that?

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