Saturday, January 05, 2008

The New Year

The New Year has come and gone with a quiet passing here, but Eric and I are going to a party this evening here in the neighborhood. This couple is from Germany, though they have lived here many years, They are actually one of the first CrossRidge residents we ever spoke to, as they were outside one day when we were driving through and trying to make a decision. Almost three years ago now! We have no idea who will be there, and hope Eric doesn't get buttonholed with HOA questions.

I thought I would share a few family links from Grandma Walter's family. This is the home page for one of my cousin Mary. I saw here when in Portland, and she promised to share pictures with me. Mary and Bert Evens Home Page and Mary and Bert's Christmas letter are here for your enjoyment. Pictures she took during the reunion at Ray and Jo's house are here. One person i didn't see was my cousin David, and he and his son Drew are in this picture. So mom and dad, I hope you enjoy looking through these pictures too!

It's been bitter cold here, as in most of the country. It was 2 8 last night, up from 19 and 16 the two nights before. We are supposed to go up to 69 on Monday, and in the mid 50's today, so we are warming up some. Probably a temporary thaw! We are still very dry, with not much chance of rain till late next week.

Yesterday I visited with Becky a few hours. She has been busy sewing pants for Jake from wool sweaters and knit tops. She is doing great! I played with the kids, and she and Jake took a mini nap, right there on the couch. Zack showed me the in and outs of Webkinz , and Maddie drew for me and told me all about Nutcracker and who danced.

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