Saturday, May 07, 2005

Slow Boat Week

This past week has been pretty uneventful, except for a wonderful Nor'easter storm that blew through here starting early in the a.m. Friday and is still blowing this morning (Saturday). At least the tides have diminished; we were about 2 feet above normal last night. That translates to mean if we had wanted to get off the boat we would have needed a parachute. At the very least, a step ladder. Of course with the wind gusting to 50+ mph at times, there wasn’t much chance that either of us were going anywhere. Silly went into her storm shelter early in the morning and only came out at 3 for a quick look around, then retreated back again until dinner. That’s how exciting it was! Hopefully this will be our last storm for awhile. We could still use some average temperatures.

Thursday I did take a trip to Barnes and Nobles, a thrift store, and Wal-Mart. We knew the storm was scheduled for Friday, so a few groceries and some reading material was in order. I picked up a new knitting magazine, a book about planting in containers and a gift. Also stuff for salads. Not terribly exciting in the grand scheme of things, but a good chance to get off the boat and get outside into the larger world. I also picked up a few more boxes for packing, as we are slowly removing more and more things.

DH is still trying to figure out when we will go to the yard to have the boat hauled. He is yet to call though, so I am not sure what kind of a schedule we will have. I heard a rumor at Yoga that the yards are all still very busy and behind, as the weather has delayed may people getting their boats back in the water from the winter. That makes us getting in soon seem more unlikely. We’ll probably need a diver to come clean the prop before we can even back out of the slip, or else it will be a really loooong and sllloooow trip over to the yard.

Next weekend we will head to Richmond to take care of the grandkids, while their Mom and Dad have a weekend away. I’m looking forward to it. The weather should be nice and we can all have a good time. B and T are going to a Bruce Springsteen concert in northern Virginia. It may be that DH and I will leave Richmond and head back north to Baltimore to visit there again. Those plans are still up in the air.

I am going to go to the library today, and make a quick stop at the grocery. Church tonight might happen too, if I can get organized and plan how to do all the little things in one trip. I also need to walk, as I have already missed two days this week. The weathermen say the wind will die down this afternoon, so we’ll see. DH said it was pretty nippy out, with winds blowing 20 mph now and temps only in the 50’s I imagine it does feel pretty cool.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the pond, you can see the sea grass is turning green and soon it will be a wave of green out there when the tides are out. The heron doesn’t seem to mind that it looks ugly, all he wants is minnows.


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