Friday, April 29, 2005

Unpacked again

Auana Ke Kai is not the only Island Packet on the block tonight, we have new IP neighbors across the dock from us. We are not sure if they are permanent, or transients that have stopped because of weather. We arrived home this afternoon, in the rain. Not unusual for this time of the year, but it would have been nicer if we had not had two loads of stuff to bring back to the boat. The funny thing is, we only left with one load. And we left things at Rebecca’s in storage. Strange? Well, we did stop at the grocery store, but it still amazed me we had so much.

Silly was pleased to get out of her carrier, but not ecstatic enough about being home, because she jumped off the boat onto the next boat over while we were busy bringing bags below. Obviously something about the accommodations or the service didn’t suit her. She was well behaved this trip, no howling. I guess it was feline resignation to her fate.

After 8 days in Baltimore we stopped in Richmond and stayed two nights. Zachary and Maddie were in fine form. Maddie has gotten even more affectionate and hugs, kisses and laughs at everyone and everything. Zach is trying hard to keep his space from her intrusions, but they actually do very well for a 3 yr old and one 17 months. The yard was in bloom everywhere we looked. Rebecca has potted plants everywhere on the deck, and of course the dogwoods, azaleas, and wisteria and lilac bushes were all in bloom. A riot of color and pollen! Fred and Shadow begged to play Frisbee. Becky and I walked the first afternoon, and the following day DH and I took Zack to see our lot and then on to the park.

Meadow Farm park is near to both Rebecca’s house and our house-to-be; besides the playground, it also had ball and soccer fields, and a museum and farm. We took Zack to see the train cars that I has spotted on our last trip. They have a mail car, baggage car and a passenger car from the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac RR. At dinner Zack told his dad all about the car’s he’d seen. I was amazed he remembered what they were. He is at the age he hears, see and repeats everything! There are a few new pictures at Flickr, so enjoy!

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