Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday and all is HOT

The house is coming along quite nicely as this picture taken Wednesday morning shows. The scaffolding for the workers to be able to do the vinyl trim around the eves of the house was up and waiting. Great to see the progress. The houses up the street that are about a month ahead of us were getting their driveways and sidewalks. More evidence that things are moving!

Today (Sunday) has been really hot and humid. The heat index is well over 100 degrees, and the forecast for the next week doesn’t improve any. Eric spent most of the day online doing house research. The audio man’s estimate seemed high to us, and with Eric’s research we were able to get the man to lower his estimate almost $790.00. Not peanuts. The internet made Eric's research and the emails back and forth possible, easy and convenient. Eric got it all ironed out and that has been satisfying for him.

I’m about to begin a new knitting project, but just haven’t decided what. Sally and I discussed starting Christmas stockings, but not sure now if she will be able to work on something. I’ve got plenty to choose from so that won’t be hard to find a project to start. Meanwhile I am reading, it’s just to hot to do much else.

Check the house blog for another picture and more news.

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