Tuesday, July 26, 2005


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Sunday after an afternoon of working out in the yard at Tom and Becky's we decided to let someone else "do dinner". So the vote was for pizza! I don't think anyone was more anxious for the pizza man than these two. After waiting patiently at the window they finally relocated to the front porch to sit and wait. They held the money! Pizza turned out good - Maddie by far ate more than Zack!

The only down side of dinner was that Silly and Maddie had another encounter of the worst kind, and this time Maddie got a scratch on the left side of her face and eye. A visit to the doctor confirmed all was well, but he did give her antibiotics to take just in case. Silly is now going to be confined to the room we sleep in on upcoming visits. We think Silly was startled and cornered, but still not acceptable behavior.

Eric and I spent about 4-5 hours at the new house, and I'll post pictures of it soon on the house blog. We're having high heat again tomorrow, heat index was 115 today. We watched the shuttle launch, and wondered if Mike and all got to see it. I hope so.

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