Friday, July 01, 2005

Bottlenecks Averted (Right!)

Great news, if you are driving in our area – the state of Virginia has given all the road crews three days off so that there will be no construction going on during the 4th of July Holiday. How considerate.

One of the top news stories today in the local paper was about the traffic congestion in our area. Apparently, we are one of the 3 most congested areas in the country for bottlenecks in traffic. First was the Oregon Coast, the second we can’t remember, and the third was us. The seven city area here – Norfolk. Hampton, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Newport News, and Chesapeake are all at the end of the HW 64 corridor that has one way in, and one way out! Don’t we know that already? You’d think they would have solved the problem, but no, there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight. Those of you who have visited us know how the construction at Coliseum Drive has been, and it isn’t better yet. I think they are still two years away from finishing the project.

So, for our 4th of July, we will stay put and watch the fireworks at Ft. Monroe from the upper deck of the clubhouse. From there you can usually see displays from at least three different areas, the Ft.. Buckroe Beach, and Langley AFB. Last year there was a display down at Grandview also, so we were surrounded!

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