Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mulch Maniacs

It started early, a rumble in the distance. A quick glance out the window confirmed "they" were on the way down the street. The Mulch Maniacs. The landscape guys were coming with monster edgers. The machines they used to edge were almost bigger than they were. I promise, this is true! Like most of the contract labor working for landscape companies here in Richmond, these men are mostly from South America, and they are small. They don't speak much English and they work at breakneck speed. One wielded a shovel, another ran the huge machine, and in no time flat, (less than 10 minutes)they were gone, on to the next house.

In their wake, we lost our Cable, hence our TV, our Internet, and our Phone becasue of course, we have Voice Over Internet. Eric drove to the main office to report the break to the powers that be and to also call the Cable Company. Comcast said they would be there the next day (today).

This morning, we were bombarded with the bags of mulch. They delivered it in ATV's with trailers. Again, working at top speed they dropped off between 15 to 20 Fifty pound bags of pine bark. Crews drove and dropped, other broke the bags out and spread it around, then the blower guys cleaned up. It was almost like a military assault!

When the service man from Comcast arrived he told Eric that between 50 and 60 others in the neighborhood had their lines cut the day before too. Now in defense of the Mulch guys, the only reason they cut the lines was because the Cable company didn't bury the lines deep enough. What a waste of time for everyone, and money. Just do your job right the first time, I say!

So, Comcast reconnected us, new cables strung across the lawn, and they will be back to bury it later. During the hour I was at the pool the mulch was all spread out and all that was left was for me to dig out the pansies and bulbs they buried. No fear, the weather was beautiful and it didn't take long.

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