Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Let's see ....

First of all, there is a short Update over on the house blog. It's about news unrelated to what's going on here in the house.

IMG_1393The Henrico County Building Inspector came today and we have this news!!! We were pleased to see him, and it turns out he is the man who did all the first inspections on our house. Eric has been concerned the county would not allow him to sheetrock the two storage areas, as there is no fire egress (window) from those two areas. Someone previously had told him that any room that was "habitable" had to have a window. Since the two storage areas would be sheetrocked, heated and cooled, then they MIGHT be used for sleeping, and so needed a window in case of fire. This guy said, no problem, this is obviously a storage room. Duh. Poor Eric, all that worry for naught. So, now we wait for the insulation folks!

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Anne said...

Yay! Someone with common sense! At least now that the worrying is over Eric's that much closer to having it done with!