Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Naughty Me

Yes, we are still here. Life is in a pretty set routine now. Not very exciting or news worthy!

Most days I am at the pool by 8:30 am, trying to stay in shape by swimming, water aerobics and yoga. It seems to be a pretty good combination, and I am feeling like I am in better shape, even if I don't think I look thinner. My feet are making more progress too, thanks in part to some Teva kayak shoes that I now wear in the pool at all times. After almost a year of constant pain and or at the least discomfort, I actually find a few days now where my feet feel normal.

Eric has been busy with the attic area. If you look closely you can see that the room in the second picture has insulation in the ceiling, and now the area is completely enclosed. Through the doorway he has framed in an additional "found" area, so we will have plenty of storage up here. The sheetrock man is due tomorrow. Hopefully he will have finished up the job he is on now, and will start on us. I know Eric is anxious for it to all be over, and I don't blame him in the least. This will finish up the final phase of the whole moving experience for us. In 30 days, we will have been in the house a year. One nice thing, the sheetrock crew is also going to do all the painting and trim work for us, all we will have to do is put down the laminated wood floor.

If I had a today picture, the room would be empty. Eric has had to being everything down to the garage again, until the sheetrock is up. Zack and Maddie were a big help, they carried all the small odds and ends down and were quite proud of themselves. This was during their weekly monday morning visit at Nana's while Mom goes to the grocery. They really enjoy coming, and I am sure Becky appreciates the help.

Silly is still the same, loves the outdoors and keeping her personal staff busy.

I'll try to get more news up, and pictures as the work progresses upstairs. As always, check the knitting/crafty blog for all things fiber related. I am most anxious to decide on a quilt pattern for the new baby so I can get going on it. This is always the hardest part for me. It needs to be special enough, but not impossible!

So, stay tuned, more news will be coming .... Ernesto is due here too. I have taken some beofre pictures in the back, just in case we get lots of rain and have more erosion. I am certain Eagle will have to attend to it eventually, but until all the house uphill from us are finished, I don't expect them to address the issue.


joyce manning said...

It's about time. Had about decided you had fallen off the roof... Am glad you are busy and happy. Looks like Eric is doing a super job upstairs. Then comes the rr? Look forward to reading your blog every day. Am glad you're finally back.

Sally said...

The upstair rooms are looking great, I know you both will be glad when it is all done! I hope you don't get too much rain from Ernesto--I just saw the weather report and he has increased his wind speeds too. I hope he just brushes by you--not too close!