Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wednesday - What's new?

Tuesday morning bright and early the sheetrock crew arrived after the long weekend of inactivity. By the end of the day, they had the ceiling and a small part of the walls in the main area finished and all of the small storage room completed. Today they finished up the skylights in the main room, all the other walls and the furnace room. Thursday they will take out scrap, and start taping and mud work! Very exciting progress to be sure! They are really nice guys, and Eric has enjoyed listening to them talk about the work, and their hunting adventures on their breaks. They love sitting on our front porch. By the way, they all drive Ford pickups, so when I came home from the pool Tuesday it looked like an ad for Ford! At one point there were 5 parked in front of the house (counting ours).

We finally got a bid on the tree removal Tuesday afternoon late and a second one Wednesday. By far we liked the second guy more than the man who came yesterday initially. Something about the first guy just struck us both wrong. The guy we will use is the one who came recommended by Becky's neighbor Betty after Isabel sent a tree though her roof. So, as far as I know, unless something changes, this guy will be here Thursday to take the tree off the roof and get everything out of the yard. It appears the stump will have to be a permanent reminder of the storm, as being within the wetland, can't be removed or messed with. Everyone seems to think it will right itself back into the hole, we'll see.

I do know Silly will be a bit disappointed when the limbs are gone, she's been feeling like queen of the jungle back there amid the tree branches.

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Sally said...

Great photo! I am glad things are progressing, the room looks great!