Friday, September 15, 2006

Finally Friday!

In more ways than one, this has been a very busy week. Monday the tree came down, and everyday since then, the sheet rock guys have been diligently working upstairs, with a goal of today as the finish line. I have to admit, neither Eric nor I thought they would finish up. Remarkably, they have shown us to be wrong. I'll post pictures on the House Blog of the different stages of the week.

Also, Monday morning early yard tractors were back, roaring up and down the street aerating the yards. Regrettably, Wednesday in a fit of computer file cleaning I wiped out those pictures, but then, you have all seen a tractor before, right? All the little plugs of dirt are everywhere, and I suggested we go rake them up and use them for fill! Not!! After the tree removal their caterpillar tractor (you saw it in the movie) left more ruts to contend with. The delivery of sheetrock had made a few too. So today, in a lull in the action Eric went to Southern States and bought bags of tops soil and seed. We'll tackle that this next week some time. As I was saying, the yard crew came by, luckily after the tree crew had left.

After the guys left this afternoon we went up to sweep and vacuum. There are still bits of mud (the white stuff they use to float seams) on the floor that we will have to scrape. On Monday they are going to come back to touch up, so at some point in the weekend we will go do the blue tape mark system of showing where the missed spots are. We'll mark on the floor, don't want to take any chances of pulling off paint. They didn't paint the doors, but then we assumed they would and it was never really discussed. Not a big deal, we can handle that.

We also have to go and shop for floor covering sometime this weekend. We thought we had decided on wood, but after listening to them clump around the last two weeks we have decided carpet will be a better option.

So, I am now going to go sit on the porch and have a celebration margarita. Pictures will be up soon, I promise.


joyce said...

Wow! And you just thought you were through with messes. Home ownership - a full time job.

Sally said...

Yipee for your speedy sheetrock guys! Carpet makes sense to me---I still remember the tap tap tap of the heels of the gal who lived above us in Italy--marble floors. Drove us nuts!