Friday, September 22, 2006

It has been a busy week

The upstairs room is starting to look like a room. Well, it has always looked like a room, but now there are none of the holes in the ceilings that you can see in this picture taken on Monday! The sheet rock men finished up their painting and spackle repair on Monday. Since then we have had a steady stream of men in and out. The electrician came twice, he is almost finished, and will be here to complete his part on Monday. Eric hung the fans with a bit of assistance from me. He also got all the grills up covering the holes for the Ac/heating ducts.

The whiz kids who did the speakers/internet came and hung speakers. Then they came back and re hung speakers (because we changed our minds). They also spent the majority of today trying to get something to work that is beyond my comprehension, and obviously theirs, as they will have to come back to finish. Eric is a bit peeved with them because they would not, and did not do what he wanted them to do. Their big boss is in Ireland, out of touch, and of course there is a lots on non continuity going on. They didn't work on the original system, tried to use equipemnt that is not MAC compatible, etc. etc. Eric has spent the last 3 hours fixing what they didn't do right and stewing about their ignorance. I am sure he will give the boss a piece of his mind when he gets back from his vacation! In all those comings in and goings out, the carpet man came to measure. He probably was in and out the fastest of any of the guys, but at least that is a step in the right direction.

If you want to see what else I did this week you'll have to visit The Knitting Blog. This picture is a hint! Oh yes, there is no progress on getting the roof repaired yet. All those folks are "getting back to us". Yea, right!

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