Thursday, February 17, 2005

24 Hours

Twenty-four hours can be a long time. Just ask Rebecca, or me for that fact. On Friday night Maddie came down with a stomach virus and threw-up in the car on the way to a hockey game. Zack asked if they could take her home and then he and Mom go back to the game themselves! That was the only humourous moment of the next four days.Saturday night Zack caught the bug, in the middle of the night. Backy was still nursing sick Maddie, Tom got to take care of Zack. Sunday night it was Rebecca's turn to be sick. She called me on Monday morning to please come watch the babies. I went for the day while she stayed in bed. When Tom came home from work, I came back to the boat. Later that same night, Tom fell in line with the rest. It was like domino's falling. Every 24 hours a new person was sick.

Tuesday morning I went to the laundry, and then when back home about two o'clock, ate a meatloaf sandwich. Well, within an hour I was as violently sick as I can ever remember being. We decided it wasn't the 24 hour bug, as it had only been 12 hours since I had been in Richmond and it came over me immediately after eating. I don't think I will eat meatloaf again anytime soon. I may have escaped the real bug running around at Rebecca's, but I don't think it could have been any worse than the food posioning.

Everyone in Rebecca's house is well again! I am fine! All is well!

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