Sunday, February 20, 2005

Smart Kitten Trick

It's a very chilly Sunday morning here, but there is sun. The weather Pixie says it is 36 degrees and wind only 3.5 mph and not out of the NORTH! I’ll be going out to church soon, but expect it won’t be too bad, as at least I do not hear the wind honking! I don’t have much to report as the weekend has mostly transpired without incident. A trip to the library yesterday and a visit to the grocery store and you have all the excitement we have going here. DH (you know who) had to reload the system on his computer last night, so that at least got his mind off the house and lot. Not that it made him happy!

I didn't update the LOT report in the blog, but our “lot pick” date was put off again. I won’t go into long boring details, but there are still problems with paperwork and numbers on their end, so they will not launch until they are completely set up to back up their data with hard figures. Can’t blame them, but then, why not just say so and not pretend things will be ready soon. We did hear there will be 40 lots, and 10 of them will be spec homes. We don’t know if all the spec houses will be in the first phase or if it will be a mix. The only difference this makes is that each phase involves a price increase, and we already know the base price increased $10,000. Since November when we first saw lots.

Most exciting, don’t hold your breath here – a new kitten trick. Last night we were watching "White Christmas", the old movie with Bing in it. Yea, we are weird. We know, it isn’t Christmas. But anyway, the cat was trying to get our attention. Darting around, running from front to back of the boat. She jumped up on the sofa and rolled over on the laptop (where the movie was playing) - and yep, somehow managed to pause the movie! Now wasn't that a neat trick???. She managed to step right on the mouse pad and click on pause. Didn’t I tell you how smart she was?

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