Saturday, February 12, 2005

Found At Last!

I’m certainly glad Mike is not losing his mind. If he was, then I would be in trouble too. Especially since he is youngest of us! I think he can probably roast the pistachios slowly in the oven and get a crunch back in his nuts .... If he hasn’t already eaten them all in celebration of finding them! It’s funny how things get misplaced isn’t it? I don’t think he can blame the cat either.

Our week has been slow. I went out one day and mailed off the packages I had ready. I had fixed the buttons on Maddie’s sweater and also had all of Skyler’s birthday presents wrapped up. So, I went and purchased paper and cards and got all that taken care of. A short trip to the library netted a new book to read (that I have read one page of so far) and nothing else new. We still have not watched the DVD of Apollo 13, so it is scheduled for tonight.

We heard from the agent in Richmond yesterday and our appointment for picking a lot has been moved from Tuesday to Friday. Seems there is some hang up getting all the options for the new house plans priced out and printed. So, we will now go to Richmond on Thursday instead of Monday as we planned. We have been discussing options every evening; since this floor plan is new and different, it obviously presents some different elements. I wish I could visualize better, as one of the main issues we are presented with is deciding if we want carpet or what (wood, tile) in the living room and the adjoining sunroom, that is not really a separate space visually. One room runs into the other. Since there are no houses built that are exactly like this one, seeing a model will not help. Any ideas? We have found out that the lots being offered are near the center of the area they are opening, not up on the hill under the ugly power lines, nor down near the main road. We don’t know if the one lot we have seen and liked is in this release group or not. Time will tell.

I guess Brian and Christine should be getting excited as they have her sonogram on the 15th! So soon we will all know if we should be thinking pink or blue. I am excited. I like making things more when I can visualize the gender! I have collected a few things for them and will be sending them off once I can add something the right color!

As a last note, two pictures from the newest members of the Bruce Springstein Band - in a one time performance last weekend.

Maddie on Tambourine and improvised horn!

Zack on Bongs and Duck Call!

You wouldn't believe the sound these two can make!

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