Friday, April 08, 2005

Short Day, Long Night

We had another beautiful day today, but as I write it is raining and we expect more rain and cooler temperatures for the next week. That is, we will be more like normal, as the last two days were above normal. At least the pollen that is plentiful here will be washed away by all the rain.

I took a short trip to town today, went to Joanne’s to see if I could find something to use my coupons on. I think I spent a total of $2.09. I did much better at Wal-Mart and the grocery! Anyhow, pretty routine shopping followed by a quick run into the library to pick up a book I had on hold. I did get to share my knowledge of a long-tail cast on with two of the librarians that are trying to learn to knit. I have tried in the past to drum up some interest there for a group to meet in their room. Maybe we can get something going for the summer. Even with not being here too much longer it would be enjoyable.

We finalized some more questions we had concerning some of our house options, so tomorrow we should be able to get the addendum to the contract finished. We will also have to send them a check for half of what we picked. Our selection deadline is April 15, so we will be well under the wire for finishing. We also got a note today telling us what our address will be! SO if you want to know what it is, you will have to go HERE.

In case you look at the post time and see it is 2:35 am and wonder if it is really that late as I sit here typing, the answer is yes. I decided, as I was planning to work on the blog tonight that I might just as well stay up as I want to watch the funeral for Pope John Paul. So, that's what I am doing, waiting for 3:45 am. I have all day tomorrow to sleep if I need to. We had a very nice memorial mass last night at church (Wednesday night). I had planned to go, then remembered Yoga, and then in the end Yoga was cancelled.

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