Saturday, April 16, 2005

Wind definitely over Speed Limit

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The weather men were right in their forecast, our wind is strong, and it is gusty. Our feline barometer says it is unacceptable. The weather combined with her shot at the vet day before yesterday has convinced her that the best thing to do is sleep it all off. She has been out to eat, to inspect dinner and little else. At least the sun is nice, but the wind if fierce, so our wind chill was 34 this morning. Not condusive to any kind of outdoor activity. How hard was the wind blowing you might ask? I think this picture says it all!

I can't say that we have accomplished anything in the last few days. Other than the trip to the base to take Silly to the vet on Thursday we have not been off the boat unless it was necessary. I feel like a hermit. I am ready to come out of hibernation and start walking and enjoying decent temperatures. The next week will be in the 70's, so maybe we will have mild temperatures for a few weeks and Spring won't be compressed to about 3 days and then leap to scorching summer.

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Anonymous said...

Wish we could send you some of our weather. Had a beautiful day. Mom started feeling better last night and we arranged to drive over to visit with our camping club in Grapeland at Salmon Lake CG. Took GW and Muriel with us. Got there in time to attend meeting and later went to buffet lunch in Crocket where all pretty well pigged out to some degree. Mom ate more than she has in a long time and enjoyed it. Then back to CG where ladies played Mexican train and we men sat around in shade and warm temps. and just talked. Drove past two beautiful fields of Bluebonnets and Indian Pain Brush. Spring has definitely arrived in East Texas. Had a nice day and enjoyed ride very much. Hope your winds subide - tell Silly this too will pass - we will be sending you some Texas warmth soon. LOVE MOM AND DAD