Monday, June 27, 2005

Sunday the 26th - Roofing begins

Originally uploaded by Joanna Root.
Here's this weeks picture of the progress at the house. The roof was only partially finished when we were there yesterday As you can see, some of the windows are installed, and the rest are in the garage. We expect to get a call this week to go for our electrical walk through, so we are seeing progress. Of couse after the roof is done and they move inside it may be awhile before we see brick and vinyl. And I don't know how much longer I'll be able to get into the house across the street for my overhead shots!


Sally said...

How cool! The house looks great and I am sure you are all so excited!!!!! It is amazing how quickly that part of the building goes, isn't it? It all seems so much more real now, that you will be moving into a house, etc. Hurrah!

Earl and Belle said...

Jo on Lufkin Homeplace when we click on Daily Drudge for Anne blog that always comes up is dated April 5 - refreshing does not help. Need to get her current blog to come up ? How? We are doing pretty good. We are doing OK. Mowed parts of lawn that were high - rest too dry to have grown enough. Will water again in morning.