Saturday, February 18, 2006

Anything Goes Month

That would be February. The last few days our daytime highs have approached 70 degrees, with night time lows in the 50's. Today it is snowing .... 39 degrees at the moment, so no doubt we will really just see rain. We are in a tug-of-war, winter and spring pulling harder and harder against each other. Looks like winter will be winning for the next few days. Snow is supposed to make another appearance on Monday.

Outside, the pansies are blooming and my bulbs are sprouting green things, but the only sign of a flower is on a hyiacynth, which if I remember correctly was not an "early bloomer." There is no sign of the blooms that are supposed to be "early" so who knows. Maybe winter is still going to be around for awhile. We are supposed to be 19 degrees tonight, so I guess it is best they are all still snug in the ground.

The cat is enjoying her perches at the windows, and would probably even like a few more in other locations if we were prone to admit she is queen and rules the house. However, at the moment, three seem sufficient.

Nothing exciting on the agenda, monday I will go give blood to have the tyroid levels checked to see if the meds are working. These past few days I have felt tired again, so I am almost hoping that the results will be that I need to up the dosage. I am still cold alot, so it would seem that my furnace is still not properly tuned.

Eric plans to work on a cat scratch post today, and then once he is finished move the truck off the driveway into the garage just in case it really does snow and keep at it. We have enough food laid by to survive about six weeks, just in case you know that "be prepared" attitude!

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Sally said...

hey Jo, good to hear all your news! we would often have snow or too cold weather after the bulbs started, they generally seem to get along okay, I know the crazy weather does confuse them! I am willing to bet that you will have a dosage change on your meds, if you are still so tired, and cold! Good luck!