Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Old News

R0017059.JPG We didn't have to dig out from our latest snow fall like the folks north of us. We also didn't endure any power outages - I guess this just wasn't our time. All the old timer Richmond folks (that includes most of my new neighbors) say this is the mildest winter they remember in ages. We are not complaining, it's nice to not be snowed in.

So, what are we up to? We've had our 90 day inspection and gotten all those small repairs either finished or scheduled. The last pieces of furniture we have coming are due to be delivered in the next week. The garage is now organized, and ready for the boxes that will come back from Texas. We have gotten estimates for the changes needed for the heat/AC upstairs which will allow us to finish the room DH will use for his trains/office/escape. And, we received the final part for a boat repair that needs doing. So, (knock on wood) it looks like we will be able to plan our visit to Texas sometime in March without a hitch. Yes, Mom and Dad, we really are coming.

One morning last week I was reading the classified ads; the Richmond Times-Dispatch has a section entitled "Cool Cheap Stuff", and I found a table saw. Now, DH, has been looking at new saws since we moved in. That ad eventually led us to a man who does nothing but buy, refurbish and resell power tools as a hobby. He's well up there in age, and has a garage full of toys for big boys. We spent two mornings there, and as a result, now have a tablesaw, planer, and a joiner. DH is very happy, and got to cut his first boards today. He made window ledge perches for Silly. She isn't too impressed, but hasn't shunned them, so I think that after her initial "I could care less about what you humans do for me" attitude wears off they will be a hit. Of course this means I'll now have nose prints to clean off of three windows instead of just one. She does enjoy a good view!

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Sally said...

Have you all put carpeting on the kitty window ledges, or left them plain wood? They sound really nice, I am sure our kitties would like something like that, if our windows were higher. Most of them are plenty low enough that they can sit on the floor and look out. I know what you mean about kitty nose prints!