Thursday, May 11, 2006

Friends and Family

The last week has been filled with family and friends, and it has been wonderful. I am already a bit sad that the house is so quiet after so much talk and comotion. I certainly hope everyone had as great a time as they reported, and of course, I want everyone to know they are welcome to come back soon!

To the uninitiated, the top picture (left to right back) is my brother Mike and his wife Sally, myself and Eric, and niece Anne with Silly kitten, (obviously not a direct relation to us!)

The bottom picture is Mayellen, a long time friend from Lufkin. She goes back very far in my life and we enjoy talking about books, gardens and life. It was nice to have her visit for an extended period of time, as we usually only have a few hours once a year!

Click the pictures for a bigger view. Credit to Mike for the great family picture, and Becky for the other one!

1 comment:

Sally said...

Great photo of you and Mayellen! I'm so glad we could make it up to see you!