Saturday, May 13, 2006

Still dry as a bone ....

The yards here in the 4100 Block of Coles Point in Chez Crossridge are still dry. The day Mike and Sally came, (10 days ago now) the sprinkler company showed up and ran the sprinklers manually. They apologized for the fact that EAGLE had broken their system and we had no water. They assured us we would have our system running that day, automatically. Eric politely pointed out to them that we still didn't have ELECTRICITY to the board to run the system. Oh? Gee! I see ... yes. Well ... then, "here is how you turn it on manually". Eric got a lesson. Of course, the man said, you are not supposed allowed to run the system, and if you do and break it ---- OH OH. You will flood out the whole area as there is no shut-off. So, the yards got watered, and they promised to be back in 2 days to do it again. That would have been last Monday. No show, no rain. Dry grass.
Finally this happened yesterday. Of course as you will read it could be awhile before it all works as advertized.

Meanwhile, Eric went out and ran the sprinklers 2 days ago. The neighbors all said they never saw it happen, it must have been the tooth fairy. At least we might keep the grass alive until "they" get everything up and going.

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Sally said...

What a hoot. Sorry you are still so dry after the rain last weekend? Did it not last long? It started on the highway just a bit before getting towards your place, and of course, we had it most of the rest of the trip--till into Florida.