Friday, May 12, 2006

Views of Williamsburg

As you may not know, it rained while Mayellen and I toured Williamsburg on Sunday. This is pretty much what it looked like when we stepped off the bus at the gate to the Gouvenor's Palace. Rain, lots of it. We were dressed like the Bobsey twins, in matching yellow slickers. What we were most amused at were the people you said, "you came prepared". These were the one's wearing seatshirts, or trash bags. Like they were surprised it rained .... I won't say more.
After a tour of the palace, we walked down the Palace green, just us and wet trees. Not uncomfortable, just wet. We went into some of the open shops, looked at pottery, feathers, hats, soap and yarn. More about yarn in the other blog!
Neither of us saw anything we thought we could not live without.

After shopping we stopped at Bruton Parish Church which was built in 1863. More history if you click on the link. There were two very nice parishioners who were at the church giving tours. We visited with them and then went after some lunch. No, this is not my picture, it was still raining when we left the church! We missed hearing the church bell ring, as it rings 15 minutes before noon, and we were inside. I remarked that I thought it would ring at noon. I was told, no, it rang early to let you know it was time to come. If it rang at noon, it was too late to come. You couldn't hear it inside, because there was no need. If you were inside, you knew it was time. Love colonial logic!
Lunch was at Chowning's Tavern. To quote a blurb, "The "publick" that Chowning hoped to attract to his tavern was made up mostly of local residents, artisans, shoppers, farmers, idle bystanders and an occasional traveler. " I guess we fell under occasional traveler. We Had a great warm you up lunch, delicious Corn Chowder, Cornbread, and Pudding for dessert.
At this point, we headed back home to rest and dry out! Our evening adventures tomorrow.

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