Friday, March 11, 2005

Confucius Says . . .

I’ve always been one to eat the cookie and read the fortune after a Chinese meal. I’ll even take the one's left behind if others don’t want theirs. I like the cookies, but always get a laugh from the fortunes. Even the funny joke of always adding “in Bed” to the end of the fortune verse cracks me up. I guess the fortune’s are fun because they are all so generic – it seems like they always applies somehow. Of course, if they are closely on target, that makes it even better and keeps the fun alive. And then you wonder, could this be true?

Yesterday we went to Richmond to CrossRidge to sign the contract for our new house. Right outside the gate to the development we stopped at the local Chinese Take- out for me to get some hot and sour soup. I thought (hoped) the soup would open up my head and calm my throat, as they were still bothering me. I ate the soup as we drove over to take a look at the lot again. We wanted to calm those jitters you always get after you’ve made a big decision, and then doubt yourself. Anyhow, the lot looked fine, actually better than we remembered. We were excited! I climbed back in the truck and picked up the trash from my lunch and saw in the bottom of the bag the fortune cookie. So this was my fortune:

Fortune Cookie

I guess the big question I have now is, “how long is the statute of limitations on a fortune?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!!! I am glad that all is working out and things are moving along! Funny about the cookie fortune, we had similar things happen when in California, and went to a Chinese place to celebrate the anniversary--they had a good selection of "veggie" food. Kind of eerie when it really seems to fit, isn't it? More later! Sally

Anonymous said...

Confucius says, we are waiting to hear more news!
The package arrived today and Anne is busy crocheting already. Coming along fine. I guess the folks got off okay, we look forward to seeing them on Friday.
More later!