Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Trip to Wal-Mart

It’s Wednesday and Yoga night again. The wind today is still fierce, the wind chill was about 28 degrees this morning. The only good thing is that usually the wind dies down as the sun sets. The weather men are not being optimistic, they say it could be two weeks before we warm up. Jerry is contemplating turning on the water tomorrow for a few hours, I guess some of the other boaters are getting pretty low. We have only used half of our tank. Anyhow, if he turns it on, we can fill the tank and take showers onboard. What a concept!

Today was uneventful, though we did go to Office Depot to pick up a few disc’s that were on sale. Since we were near Wal-Mart we chose to go there for groceries. While DH looked for Aspirin (only 50 kinds with 40 prices he said) I picked up groceries. Mom and dad, for your information, the Pillsbury Biscuits I mentioned the other night were there, and at a much reduced price to the ones in our store nearby. Check out ended up being more than it needed to be. It turned out that the lane we chose had a change over in checkers. We got the fresh checker .... First she ran up my tomatoes with the wrong code. Not a huge deal, but I refused to pay for Vine ripened tomatoes when all I got was Roma tomatoes. She couldn’t get them to void, you know the drill, called for help, etc. etc. Finally got that cleared up and I paid. Meanwhile Eric looks at the receipt and found she had scanned the Fritos twice during the tomato confusion. SO she had to call for help again, and we had to wait for a refund. You know, everything is coded, you only pass things through once, how hard can it be?

No news from Eagle construction. No comment.

Tonight we are going to watch GIGI, the old movie with Maurice Chevalier. I remember going to a theater and seeing it, I think. I know it is something I saw a long time ago! We finally finished up the Winds of War, and now have requested that the library get War and Remembrance, the sequel.

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